How to remove the adhesive? How to remove body adhesive

generally, the main component of nail washing water is acetone, and acetone, like ethanol, is also an organic solvent, which has the same effect as alcohol.

how to remove the adhesive? How to remove the body adhesive

how to remove the adhesive

method 1: the first recommended method is alcohol. Like windows, windshield, body. Often stick stickers and so on, it’s easy to scrape things with a blade. And alcohol is very common in life. The method is very simple, the paste can be disposed of part of the first disposal, disposal can not be done with a rag, pour alcohol soaked, and then wipe in the adhesive paste. Wipe the alcohol on the rag in the place where there is self-adhesive, so that the alcohol can fully penetrate the place where there is self-adhesive. Wait a moment and then wipe it with the rag. At this time, you will find that the self-adhesive is easy to wipe off, and the self-adhesive is all on the rag. The paste is as smooth as new.

method 2: most women like to buy Nail wash water and so on. But did you know that acetone is the main component of nail washing water, and acetone, like ethanol, is also an organic solvent and has the same effect as alcohol. So, according to the same method, first penetrate the place with adhesive, wait for a moment to wipe with a cloth. You can also get rid of the adhesive quickly.

in fact, gasoline and the like do not have the same effect, but they are either too dangerous or too smelly, so we do not recommend them.

method 3: hand cream, hand cream is almost now necessary for families. When the climate is dry, wipe hand cream to keep hands moist, not dry. Hand cream contains a lot of water, almost more than 70%, and water contains a certain amount of surfactant. Daub the hand cream on the place where the adhesive can’t be wiped off, which can quickly penetrate and achieve the purpose of cleaning. Because surfactants have good wetting, dissolving and penetrating effects. Facial cleanser, detergent, etc. also have the same effect.

method 4: use the physical method, with hot air. This method is more common at home, that is, in the place where there is adhesive, blow it with hot air. The adhesive will soften when it is hot, and then wipe it clean with a rag. Convenient, simple and easy to use, will not damage the furniture.

label how to remove fast

label cleaning time, whether it is looking or touching are very annoying. Here to introduce the quick elimination of self-adhesive label trace tips.


principle: similar compatibility principle

method: dip white vinegar or vinegar with dry dishcloth, completely cover the part with label, make it completely soaked. After soaking for 15-20 minutes, wipe off the label gradually with a dishcloth along the edge of the label.

advantages: suitable for tableware such as chopsticks, non-toxic and harmless.

disadvantages: slightly poor decontamination effect.

95% alcohol

principle: similar compatibility principle

method: use a cloth soaked with alcohol to completely wet the part with self-adhesive label, wait for a while, slowly use a cloth with alcohol to slowly wipe from the edge of the self-adhesive label to the middle until all the self-adhesive are removed.

advantages: glass, stainless steel and other hard objects decontamination effect is good.

disadvantages: 95% alcohol is not easy to get, and there is certain damage to the hand skin.

lemon juice

principle: similar compatibility principle

method: squeeze the lemon juice on the hand with adhesive dirt, and rub it repeatedly to remove the adhesive mark.

advantages: it is suitable for removing the adhesive on the hand, and will not cause any damage to the skin.

disadvantages: the effect of removing other objects is not good.


principle: rely on heat to remove the self-adhesive

method: use the blower hot air gear, in the position about 10cm away from the self-adhesive, with hot air direct blowing; Blow for a while, while blowing, slowly remove the label.

advantages: convenient operation, good effect, quick effect.

disadvantages: not suitable for heat-resistant soft plastic, high temperature easy to deform the object.

essential balm

principle: similar compatibility principle

method: soak the place with adhesive completely with essential balm and wipe it off with dry rag after 15 minutes. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can extend the soaking time of Fengyoujing, and then rub it with force until it is cleaned.

advantages: almost all items will not be damaged, especially the surface of printed and painted objects.

disadvantages: decontamination takes a little longer.

special attention: different self-adhesive bar code paper needs different decontamination methods.

how to remove the self-adhesive on the glass

1, dry the glass with a hair dryer or scrape it with an art knife, then tear it off and clean it with water, the self-adhesive on the glass can be easily removed.

2, hand cream can also achieve the effect of removing glass water self-adhesive. Hand cream contains a lot of water (generally more than 70%), water contains a certain amount of surfactant, surfactant has good wetting, permeability, solubility, can quickly penetrate between the adhesive and the surface of the object, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

3. Use lemon juice to remove the self-adhesive from the glass. Squeeze the lemon juice onto the glass with self-adhesive dirt, and rub it repeatedly by hand to remove the self-adhesive imprint.

how to remove the car body adhesive

in our daily life, I think we have all experienced the experience of sticking adhesive stickers on our car, especially the various certificates pasted on the windshield and the car stickers pasted on ourselves after the car examination, and the residual adhesive after tearing off will affect the appearance of the car body. So, how to remove the body adhesive label?

as the adhesive used for trademark label is not resistant to high temperature, bake it with the warm air of an electric hair dryer first. After the viscosity of trademark or seal is weakened, it can be torn off cleanly without leaving any trace. If it has been torn off, what are the traces? You can see how to remove the body adhesive below.

1. Apply a layer of essential balm on the surface of the sticker you want to remove. Let the essential balm soak the sticker. Wait for a while and wipe it with a dry cloth. You will find that the sticker is easy to fall off and there is no trace.

2. There is also a very simple method. We can take the eraser to wipe it off directly. And there will be no scratches, very fast.

3, alcohol, gasoline or nail polish, hand cream, and essential oils can help ease and thoroughly remove these stickers. The method is to tear off a layer of paper on the surface of the label, apply alcohol or gasoline, and then rub it on the surface with hands to make it fully soaked in the self-adhesive, and finally wipe it off with cloth.

but with these solvents, it is also possible to cause damage to the body surface. A better way is to blow the adhesive part with an electric hair dryer, and then rub it with a wet cloth to remove the adhesive.

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