How to remove the correction fluid from clothes? There are many ways to remove the correction fluid skillfully

. When writing something wrong, it’s not very beautiful to cross out the page directly, so many people will use the correction fluid. Sometimes, improper use may make hands, face and clothes stained with the correction fluid. If not cleaned in time, it may affect their health. How to wash the correction liquid on clothes? Let’s get to know it with you.

How to wash off clothes with correction fluid

essential oil cleaning

correction fluid is often used when correcting wrong words. If you are not careful, the correction fluid will get on your hands and is difficult to wash off, In fact, there is a common thing that can solve this problem – Fengyoujing.

wet the place with the correction fluid on the hand with Feng you Jing, and then wipe it with a paper towel. We can see that the correction fluid on the hand is easily wiped off. Can Feng you Jing also deal with the correction fluid on the clothes? Apply the correction fluid on a piece of cloth. After the correction fluid is dry, use Feng you jing to wet the place with the correction fluid and rub it with your hands, The correction fluid is gone.

why can Fengyoujing wipe off the correction liquid. It turned out that the solvent in Fengyoujing dissolved the correction liquid. The correction solution is mainly composed of titanium dioxide, glue and solvent; Essential balm is mainly composed of drugs, spices and solvents. The solvents in the correction fluid and essential balm all play the role of dissolving other substances. The solution is liquid when it is just extruded. After it is applied on the surface of the object, the solvent volatilizes quickly, and the glue sticks the titanium dioxide on the surface of the object. At this time, apply essential balm. The solvent in the essential balm replenishes the original solvent in the correction liquid, dissolves the glue and titanium dioxide, and makes the correction liquid return to the liquid state, so it can be easily wiped off.

alcohol cleaning

accidentally made the correction solution of wax paper dye on the clothes. You can use alcohol to drop on the stains of the clothes, wipe them repeatedly, and finally rinse them with clean water. After they are dry, the stains can be removed.

nail washing water cleaning

in addition to essential balm, nail washing water can also wipe off the correction fluid. Apply the correction solution on a piece of cloth. After the correction solution is dry, soak the place stained with the correction solution with nail washing water. Rub with your hands, the correction fluid is gone, it seems that this is also a good way to wipe off the correction fluid. However, nail wash water contains substances harmful to the skin. If your hands are stained with correction fluid, the essential balm which is harmless to human body is still the first choice.

How to wash off

orange peel when the correction solution is on the skin? Don’t worry when the correction solution is on the hand or face. If there is water nearby, wet it with water first to slow down the drying speed.

2, go home to find oranges or oranges, take fresh orange peel or orange peel that is not dry, squeeze out a little juice, and drop it on the hand correction liquid.

3, wait for 1 to 2 minutes, wait for the color to be a little dim, wipe it off with a wet towel, and then wipe it off.

2. Rub with your fingers again, and the correction solution on the skin will be diluted quickly.

3, and then immediately wipe with a paper towel, you can wipe off the correction liquid on the skin.


1 to check the shelf life of the correction solution. Because the correction solution is synthesized by as, PC, titanium dioxide, methylcyclohexane and other chemicals, the correction solution within the shelf life can have a better correction effect.

2. When purchasing the correction solution, shake it. You can hear the sound of the stirring rod or ball stirring the liquid or hitting the bottle body. When using, gently squeeze the bottle body and the liquid outlet end to ensure smooth liquid outlet. Observe whether the correction solution is normal, and whether there is no liquid outlet or excessive liquid volume.

3. After purchase, avoid being in high temperature environment. Do not place the liquid outlet end down (i.e. upside down) or horizontally, which will lead to abnormal discharge of correction liquid.

Before use, shake the correction solution to make the sediment in the bottle completely mixed with water.

2. When in use, shake well, align the tip of the pen with the part to be modified, and gently press the bottle body, so that the liquid can be easily extracted and scribbled.

3. After use, the outer cover should be closed in time to prevent the liquid outlet from being exposed for a long time. At the same time, do not turn the correction liquid upside down.

4. When using, avoid the nose and mouth too close to the surface of the used correction fluid, and avoid splashing the correction fluid on the skin. Do not wipe it with hands.

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