How to remove the garlic flavor and onion flavor after meals to avoid the embarrassment caused by halitosis

it is inevitable that you will eat some food with heavier taste, such as garlic or onion, so how to remove the garlic flavor and onion flavor? Come and have a look with me.

How to get rid of garlic smell in mouth? Onion smell


bad breath after eating garlic, drink a glass of milk, garlic odor can be eliminated.


, sour in nature, slightly bitter in taste, with the effect of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst and dispelling heat. Can be in a cup of boiling water, add some mint, while adding some fresh lemon juice to drink, can go bad breath.


, sour in nature, cold in taste, with the functions of digestion, spleen strengthening, fragrance and deodorization. Eating fresh pomelo petals can remove the bad breath in the stomach and eliminate the peculiar smell in the mouth. In addition, pomelo has the effect of detoxification.


hawthorn acid, slightly sweet taste, used with rock sugar with cooking, has the effect of blood stasis, clear stomach, in addition to halitosis. If it’s in a similar office, it’s a good choice to share a small bottle of Hawthorn can with colleagues after working meal and get together to get rid of the taste.

Peanut removal method:

take about ten peanuts and chew them repeatedly before swallowing them. The garlic flavor in the mouth can be removed.

Black jujube to divide:

take 2 black jujube in the mouth slowly chew, the garlic flavor in the mouth can be eliminated.

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