How to remove the smell of wool quilt in winter

because of its non allergic and natural characteristics, wool quilt is especially favored by the elderly and asthma patients. However, there is always a bad smell on the newly bought wool, which can’t be removed. Some people put the delicate wool in the sun, or washed with boiling water, which is unable to remove the smell of mutton. And it will also make your wool lose a lot of life. In fact, it’s very easy to remove the smell of wool quilt in winter. Here are some tips for you

[1] as long as the alcohol is evenly sprayed on the wool, a small amount of yellow rice is sprinkled on the wool, and the wool is gently whipped or brushed 1-2 times with a soft brush, the technique must be light. After the wool is dry, shake off the yellow sticky surface, and then roll up the wool tightly and put some camphor on it for a period of time (about two months). The smell of mutton on on the sheepskin can evaporate with alcohol and camphor< On the other hand, it is better not to wash wool quilt with water. Conditional proposal dry cleaning, or to the sun for half an hour can not be exposed. When drying, a piece of cloth can be spread on the quilt to avoid the damage caused by the hot sun to the wool fiber.

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