How to remove towel odor? Tips to remove the odor of towel

towel is a kind of fiber fabric. It is difficult to remove the bacteria in the gap of fiber after a long time of use. Cleaning, drying, high temperature cooking and other methods can only control the number of bacteria in a short time, but can not permanently remove the bacteria. Long term use of old towels will give rise to opportunities for bacterial invasion. So, it’s best to change a new towel in about three months.

the towel will become greasy and sticky with poor water absorption and a bad smell when used more times. The more you wash it with soap, the more sticky it will be. At this time, how to remove the towel odor?

1. You can scrub the towel with proper amount of salt water, blanch it with hot water, and rinse it with clean water. It can not only restore the original color of the towel, but also eliminate the strange smell.

2. Add a little alkali noodles to the water and boil it in boiling water. Then the sun, disinfection and sterilization in addition to odor.

3. Put the rice washing water and towel into the pot to cook, so that the towel will have a faint smell of rice.

4. Soak the towel in white vinegar. Note: the ratio of vinegar to water is 4:1, which can be measured in a plastic bottle. After soaking for 15 minutes, wash it again with washing powder or soap.

5, pressure cooker cooking method, wash the towel, put it into the pressure cooker or put it into the pot to cook for about 15 minutes, the strange smell can be eliminated.

towel tips

1. The cost of towel with dark color is higher than that with light color, and towel with light color is more durable than that with dark color. Because of the high cost of dark color, that is, the input of chemicals, dyeing time is high. So the damage to the fiber is great. And the darker the color, the worse the fastness. It’s best for children to use light color. Don’t buy embroidered towels.

2. Wet towel is easier to rot than dry towel, and easy to infect bacteria.

3. It will harden if it is used for a long time.

4. Why don’t some towels absorb water after they enter the water? Some towel touch, the water is dry? New towel does not absorb water does not mean that the quality of the towel is not good or is not pure cotton, because in the process of processing the towel, an auxiliary agent is used: softener, which is a kind of liquid. The towel will become very soft after passing through it. It has two kinds: one is water absorption; One is not absorbent. Naturally, you know the problem ahead.

the color of the non absorbent product is very bright, as if it is coated with a layer of oil; Therefore, when you want to buy absorbent towel, if the thin towel is very bright, it will not absorb water.

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