How to resist cold hands and feet?

How to resist cold hands and feet?

how to resist cold hands and feet?

warm food such as ginger, garlic, pepper and other spices should be taken in the diet; Chicken, mutton, sea fish and other fish meat; Yam, potato and other rhizome vegetables growing in the soil; Moderate intake of nuts rich in vitamin E can also promote blood circulation, help eliminate cold. It should be noted that when the weather is cold, you should eat less food containing synthetic sweeteners and white sugar, otherwise you are more likely to get cold hands and feet.

moderate exercise, muscle activity, can promote blood circulation, effectively eliminate cold, the intensity of slightly sweating is appropriate, not exercise sweating. First of all, rotate the wrist in clockwise and counter clockwise directions (this method can improve the hand cooling phenomenon); The big toe should be stretched out as far as possible to be & lt; V” Shape, or force back and forth up and down, can effectively enhance the blood circulation of the foot, improve the foot cold phenomenon. Standing up and down on tiptoe, using the stairs two feet up and down to a small jump or appropriate leg pressure, can effectively exercise calf muscles, enhance heart capacity, improve cold symptoms.

half body bath can promote blood circulation, warm body, eliminate fatigue and relax body and mind. The water temperature should be 37 ℃ ~ 38 ℃, and the duration should be controlled at 20 ~ 30 minutes. Soak below the chest, and put two dry towels on the shoulder and neck to keep warm. If conditions permit, dripping a few drops of aromatic essential oil into the water will achieve better results. If time and conditions are not enough, foot soaking can also achieve similar results.

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