How to save a mobile phone from falling into the water:

many times people accidentally drop their mobile phone into the water, such as in the toilet, in the pool or when they eat, the cup is overturned and watered. If the screen of the mobile phone can’t light up at this time, don’t try to turn it on. So what should we do? Listen carefully.

After the mobile phone got into the water, I believe many smart netizens may think of their own hair dryer and take it out as a dryer. Don’t laugh, there are some friends around me who have done this. In fact, this not only can’t save your mobile phone, but also directly send the mobile phone of intensive care unit into the morgue.

in fact, not only the hair dryer, but also the heater. When answering the last question, we need to understand why the mobile phone will break if it is flooded. The precise integrated circuits inside the mobile phone are very delicate, easy to short circuit in case of water and burn out in case of fire.

luck is a little worse, the liquid drilling into the mobile phone is not clean, weak acid and strong alkali toss, and may corrode the components, causing irreparable damage. Remember these three words, irreversible!. Once a cell phone killer asked me seriously, why can’t I use a hair dryer when my cell phone dries when it gets into the water?

most of today’s mobile phones are fragile smart phones. They are no longer the Nokia that used to smash walnuts. The hot air of the blower is very easy to preheat and melt the accessories. When the hot air turns into steam, the water inside the machine may seep into the screen, which will damp the mobile phone, damage the electronic components and cause the second irreversible damage.

How to save a mobile phone from falling into the water; In the case of boot into the water

, this situation generally does not need to dismantle processing. The solution is as follows:

1. If the screen is still on, the power must be cut off as soon as possible. If you can button the battery, you should button the battery immediately and take out the battery quickly. Similar to the iPhone can not buckle the battery of the mobile phone also have to force off.

2. If the mobile phone turns off automatically and the screen is no longer on, you must not try to turn it on. Once the power is turned on, the current may break through the main board, and the mobile phone is mostly scrapped.

3, dry hard, but don’t throw the machine away, the idea is to throw the water out of the screen. If there are water drops left on the screen, there will be traces after drying.

4. Put it under the desk lamp, spotlight and other slight heat source to let the moisture disperse slowly. This process takes more than six hours.

5. Many people like to use a hair dryer to blow. In fact, the hair dryer is not very good. It is easy to cause water to enter the place where there is no water. Do not use hot air, because it will damage the screen of the mobile phone, or even burn out the internal parts of the mobile phone.

of course, if there are no conditions, it can only be done in this way, but it can only be dried by cold air, and it must be ensured that the mobile phone can be dried as much as possible. After these three steps, the power supply can work normally.

In the case of power failure, it fell into clean water

, which basically can be considered that the machine is not damaged. But maybe the inside of the mobile phone is still flooded, especially the LCD screen under the touch screen. The solution is as follows:

1 dry hard, but don’t throw the machine away.

2 if there is no trace on the LCD screen, deal with it according to item 3 of the first point.

3 if there is something left on the screen and it is very serious, do not deal with it according to item 3 of the first point, because although the electronic circuit can work normally, the screen may be very ugly. It can be sent to the nearest maintenance department for treatment or it can be disassembled and cleaned by itself.

  Falling into corrosive liquid or viscous liquid or other unclean liquid

is the most troublesome situation. But the chance of machine recovery after proper treatment is also great. The solution is as follows:

1. Power off as soon as possible.

2. In case of corrosive liquid (such as seawater and urine), wash the machine with anhydrous alcohol immediately. If there is no alcohol, it can be replaced by clean water, but be careful to prevent further deterioration.

3. Disassemble the machine as soon as possible, but take your time.

4. Clean with alcohol or professional washing water.

5. Assemble the disassembled parts. If you can’t assemble them, give the whole pile of things you disassembled to the maintenance point, and let the maintenance point clean up and assemble them for you again.

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