How to simply remove the odor of shoes

rubber shoes and sneakers are easy to sweat when wearing because of poor air permeability. In such a closed space, sweat is not easy to spread, and in the long run, a large number of reproductive bacteria will be produced in the shoes, resulting in the odor inside the shoes. Wearing such shoes often is not only very uncomfortable, Also easy to produce beriberi and other problems. So, is there any simple and quick way to get rid of the smell of shoes? Let’s take a look at the following tips for removing the smell of shoes:

“housekeeping staff – three ways to eliminate shoes smell” 1, newly purchased shoes, spray 50 degrees of white wine evenly on the insole or sponge bottom until they are all saturated and saturated, and then dry. After such treatment, it is not easy to produce odor when wearing shoes. If it is easy to wash rubber shoes or sandals, after washing and drying, the same method can be used for treatment. 2. Put the dehydrated alum or quicklime powder in a small cloth bag, sew it and put it into the shoes before going to bed. It can not only remove the odor inside the shoes, but also absorb moisture. 3. Before going to bed, with some cotton balls or some small cloth dipped in a little alcohol, evenly daub in just off the shoes, continuous daub about half a month, it is not easy to produce a bad smell. The sun dried tea leaves are put into nylon socks and then stuffed into smelly shoes. Tea can absorb moisture in shoes and remove odor. The amount of tea needed for an adult’s shoes is about one cup. Sun, it is recommended not to wear cotton nylon socks, silk socks are not easy to sweat feet. Not often. Charcoal in addition to the smell of shoes, sports shoes off often have a share of unbearable odor, is not very embarrassing! Try to use charcoal deodorization method. Charcoal has the effect of absorbing moisture and odor, but in order to avoid soiling shoes, you can first knock the charcoal into small pieces, then put it into a commercially available tea bag, and then put it into shoes. This is a cheap and easy-to-use deodorant, fragrance, and natural plants. Modern people wear shoes every day, and the foot sweat and moisture caused by shoes for a long time, and the odor is really bothered by people, Fragrance deodorization is the best cleaning product to remove the odor of moisture in shoes. It is easy to use. As long as you spray a little in shoes every day or every other day, you can remove the odor in shoes. Regular use can prevent xianggangjiao and keep the shoes dry, comfortable and fragrant! Use fragrance to remove the smell of shoes, healthy feet and long life! How to remove the smell of sports shoes? 1. Sprinkle some salt in canvas shoes occasionally to absorb sweat and deodorize. 2. The inside of the shoes is a closed space. It’s easy to get wet due to sweat. If you wear the same shoes for several days in a row, this pair of shoes will not keep dry, which is easy to cause a large number of bacteria to breed and eventually lead to bad smell. In order to prevent this situation, you should put the shoes in a ventilated place after you go home, or use a hair dryer to dry the shoes thoroughly. If you really don’t have time, you can spray the deodorant in the shoes with the door deodorant. 3. Drop Geranium essential oil directly into shoes or put cotton ball with lemon essential oil into shoes to remove peculiar smell´╝ł Feet that often wear bagged shoes or sports shoes can be deodorized and sterilized by soaking a few drops of warm water with tea and essential oil.) How about

? Are the above tips very simple and practical? In fact, we should pay attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times. Shoes should be cleaned regularly. If we think these methods are not simple enough, we might as well buy a dryer for shoes. After wearing shoes for a day, we can dry them when we are sweating. It’s simple, convenient and easy to operate!

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