How to slice beef?

we all know that beef is more expensive than pork, so many people think that beef has higher nutritional value. In fact, beef is rich in protein, but the fat content is very low. But in many cases, even if the raw materials, seasonings and methods are the same as the menu, the beef tastes bad. This is the wrong way to cut beef, so how should beef be sliced?

1. See clearly the direction of the beef grain. The knife and the beef grain are cut 90 degrees vertically. And it’s wrong to cut along the beef grain road.

2. This method of cutting beef is not only suitable for frying beef, but also for cooking other beef dishes. Beef has thick fibrous tissue and dense connective tissue, so it needs to be crosscut to cut off the long fiber; Don’t cut along the fibrous tissue, it will become too tasty and chewy.

3. When slicing, the texture of the meat should be cut along. The advantage is that the silk is not broken when cooking. When slicing, it should be cut in the opposite direction, that is, on the side of the silk, against the texture. The advantage is not to chew. And the meat will smell.

4, the size of the meat, the bigger the fire, try to cut the meat and vegetables smaller. It’s a slow stew. Cut the meat bigger. In this way, the meat will endure long-term stewing, and will not become crumbs. Generally, people will feel that it takes a lot of effort to cut meat. My arms and hands will be very sour after cutting. It’s very easy to slice and shred meat when it’s frozen. You can freeze the beef in the refrigerator, take it out in advance and thaw it a little, but don’t wait for it to thaw completely. It’s the best time to cut it. Or take it out of the fridge and thaw it for three minutes with the defrosting function of the microwave oven. At this time, it’s just cut.

above is the way to cut beef. First of all, it depends on whether you want to slice or shred. If you want to slice, you’d better not cut along the texture of beef, but cut vertically with the texture. If you want to shred, you can cut along the texture. Also, you can have a try. It’s easier to cut the meat when it’s frozen in the refrigerator.

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