How to solve the problem of too small shoes? Teach you to use all kinds of daily necessities to deal with

shoes purchased online. The size is always a big problem. If the shoes are relatively large, you can also put some insoles to support the shoes, but if the shoes are too small, you can only return them! Sometimes the size of the shoes is just right, but the front end is too narrow, it will be quite uncomfortable to wear! Return the goods. It’s too much trouble! What about your favorite shoes?

This method is very simple, the required material is only two clip chain bags and 1 / 3 water in each bagļ¼ˆ You can also use a thin and soft plastic bag. If you want to tie it up, don’t leak.) Put water bags in your shoes that you think are too small. After that, take your shoes to the freezer and freeze them! This trick is mainly to use the water to expand after freezing, which will support the shoes outward. Therefore, the time of freezing is about one night. After all, after freezing, it should be allowed to support for a while, so as to avoid rapid retraction. Finally, take the shoes out of the refrigerator, wait for the ice bag to melt slightly, and then take them out, and wipe the shoes clean. If you still feel a little small after trying on, just continue to repeat the above process.

With socks

socks, everyone should have it, but there may be exceptions, some people do not like to wear socks. Then, if you have socks, you can put on thick socks and see if they are thicker. Then you can put on your shoes and walk around to make them bigger.

use the hair dryer

to plug the prepared hair dryer into the power supply, and then aim the air outlet of the hair dryer at the smaller part of the shoes for about 20 minutes, and then blow it again every half an hour. Blow at least three times or more. This is based on the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, shoes will become larger.

Use newspaper

to find some old newspapers, then squeeze some old newspapers tightly into a ball, dip in some water, don’t get too wet, then wrap the wet newspaper with dry newspaper, and then plug it in the top of the shoes. Finally, seal the shoes with plastic bags and wait until the next day.

use potatoes

to choose two larger potatoes. When you are ready, cut off the skin of the potatoes and put them in your shoes. Then keep it for more than eight hours before taking out the potatoes. If there is still a little potato residue in the shoes, clean it up.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a shoe supporter before? I don’t know which inventor invented it. But sometimes it’s very helpful. The steps are very simple. Just put the shoe supporter inside the shoes, and then adjust the width in about two days.

prepare some clean water, then prepare the dry rag, wet the dry rag with water, and then put the wet dry rag inside the shoes. Take advantage of the wet inside of the shoes, put on the shoes for a walk, but as for the time as far as possible in more than an hour Oh, will have the effect.


put some water in a plastic bag inside the shoes, try to keep the water in the bag to support the shoes, and then put the shoes into the refrigerator to make the water in the shoes form ice.

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