How to supplement in autumn?

nowadays, many people’s health is not better, which has brought great harm to many of us. We must supplement our body in autumn, which is very good for our body. The way to supplement our body nutrition in each season is also different. The problem of supplement needs to be determined according to the time, Let’s learn about how to supplement in autumn.

after the beginning of autumn, the weather gradually entered the season of high air and fragrant grains. As the weather turns from hot to cool, the consumption of human body gradually decreases and appetite begins to increase. People are used to “tonifying in autumn” after entering autumn to supplement the consumption in summer and prepare for overwintering. But need to remind is, just the beginning of autumn, had better not make up.

after the early autumn, there are often “autumn tigers” to visit. Whether it is “warm dryness” in mid autumn or “cool dryness” in late autumn, it is always characterized by dry skin and lack of body fluid. In order to prevent autumn dryness, in the middle and late autumn, you should eat some medicines or foods that are mild in nature and have the functions of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, nourishing lung and promoting body fluid. You should eat more fruits appropriately. Among them, pear and sugarcane are the first choice, followed by water chestnut, banana and loquat. However, those with diarrhea due to spleen deficiency and dampness, cough due to lung cold and phlegm viscosity should not eat more of the above fruits.

it needs to be reminded that clear supplement and flat supplement should be the main supplement in autumn. In addition to Yang deficiency constitution, do not eat too much warm food or medicine, such as mutton, dog meat, ginseng, pilose antler, cinnamon, etc., otherwise it is easy to aggravate autumn dryness. In addition, the autumn tonic should also vary from person to person, weak, suffering from chronic diseases, the best friend in the doctor’s guidance tonic.

in advance to understand some autumn how to supplement the relevant content can help us better improve our physical fitness, we need to pay special attention to these contents, for us to alleviate many aspects of our body problems are particularly helpful, we must pay special attention to, hope to help you.

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