How to take vitamin C from food

vitamin C deficiency is an old topic, but how to take vitamin c

from food every day. In addition, vitamin C can detoxify and resist bacterial and viral infection. Once the human body is short of vitamin C, it will reduce the gelatinizing substances, resulting in difficult wound healing, sparse epiphysis and backbone of long bone, joint swelling, hair follicle keratosis, gingival inflammation and bleeding, tooth loosening and other symptoms.

due to the increased fragility of capillary wall, patients can have a wide range of bleeding points throughout the body, which is called & ldquo; Scurvy & rdquo;. Sailors and long-term workers in arid desert areas often suffer from this disease if they do not eat vegetables and fruits for a long time. Some partial eclipse children who do not eat vegetables and fruits will also suffer from this disease.

scientific research has proved that vitamin C cannot be synthesized by itself in the human body and must be supplied by eating. The requirement of normal people is 75 mg per day. In case of deficiency, it can be increased to 200 ~ 300 mg. In addition to vitamin C supplements, foods rich in vitamin C should be used in the diet. All kinds of sour fruits such as hawthorn, fresh jujube, orange, orange, lemon, tomato and all kinds of fresh green leafy vegetables are good food sources of vitamin C. Animal foods contain less vitamin C.

vitamin C is an extremely delicate water-soluble vitamin. Its properties are extremely unstable. It is easy to be oxidized and destroyed without attention. Vitamin C is not only afraid of light, heat and alkali, but also copper and iron. Therefore, it is best not to use copper pot or iron pot when cooking, but aluminum pot should be used.

plant tissues contain ascorbase. If plant foods are stored for too long, vitamin C can be lost due to air oxidation. Therefore, fresh vegetables and fruits are better.

in cooking, attention should be paid to : vegetables should be washed first and then cut. After cutting, they should be put into the pot immediately, and it is best to wash, cook and eat them now; Cooking should adopt the method of quick fire and quick frying, which can reduce the loss of vitamin C. Vitamin C is more stable in acidic environment. If you can eat it with acidic food or put some vinegar when cooking, you can improve its utilization rate.

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