How to taste and identify dry red wine

now people are pursuing a good life, and they are paying more and more attention to diet. In many people’s eyes, people who know how to drink dry red wine know how to enjoy life, so dry red wine has become a frequent guest at many people’s tables, but not everyone knows how to drink dry red wine, The wrong way to drink will not only make people feel tasteless, but also damage the efficacy of this wine.

many people attach great importance to their quality of life, drinking dry red wine is a kind of enjoyment, it not only tastes sweet, but also has many benefits to human health, so this kind of wine is very popular in the crowd, below,

experts to introduce the drink of dry red wine, let’s get to know.

dry red wine is ruby red in color, beautiful and pleasing to the eye, full-bodied and full-bodied. Because it contains certain phenolic substances and high dry extract, it can be better enjoyed with braised meat, steak, chicken, duck and other meat dishes. On the one hand, dry red wine can relieve the greasy feeling of meat, and make the dishes taste stronger. At the same time, due to the beautiful color of dry red wine, it also increases the festive atmosphere of friends gathering.

color observation:

pour the wine into a colorless wine cup, and observe the color of the wine from the eye level: a good red wine is ruby red (i.e. the color of Ruby). High quality red wine is almost transparent and the brighter the better. Second wine or red wine added with other things has bad color and brightness. Good red wine in the glass is pure ruby color, exquisite, is the best performance of original red wine.


this is the most obvious and reliable method to determine the quality of wine. We only need to smell to distinguish the quality. The aroma of high-quality red wine is light, showing the aroma of wine and aging without any unpleasant smell. It is pointed out that inferior wine has an undeniable unpleasant “sour taste” or pungent smell. High quality wine and fruit, harmonious unity, pure red wine flavor.


lift the glass, put the mouth of the glass between the lips, press the lower lip, tilt the head back slightly, inhale the wine into the mouth, gently stir the tongue to make the wine evenly distributed on the surface of the tongue, then control the wine in the front of the mouth, and swallow it later. The amount of wine inhaled should be about half a mouthful. A good dry red wine has a round mouth, good feeling in the mouth, harmonious and balanced wine taste and astringency, and long mellow and slightly astringent feeling in the mouth after swallowing. The taste is extremely comfortable, especially the mellow and fragrant feeling of sugar in the wine, which can’t be appreciated in other wines.

it’s better to drink the red wine in a few hours after it’s opened. If it can’t be finished, you have to put the wine back into the cork and put it in the refrigerator. Generally, it won’t go bad after a few days, but the taste and flavor are definitely bad. In foreign countries, there is a vacuum machine, which can take the air out of the bottle and then cover the cork. This kind of storage time is longer, which I haven’t seen in China, But this kind of machine is very expensive, at least worth tens of thousands of yuan.

theoretically speaking, the drinking method of red wine should be divided into four levels —

“eye drinking”: first check the quality of the wine, and then with affectionate eyes, appreciate the crystal clear fragrance.

“drinking by hand”: shake the goblet slowly, let the wine contact with the air, and emit a pungent aroma.

“drink by nose”: move the wine cup to the nose and gently suck it up, then show a smile of intoxication and approval.

drink: take a sip gently, then slowly rotate in the mouth, aftertaste the charm of all kinds of customs.

from the introduction of the above experts, we have learned that the drinking method of dry red wine is very particular. At ordinary times, you may as well drink one or two glasses of dry red wine before going to bed, which is very helpful for maintaining health. In addition, if the liver function is not good, or you have hepatitis, you should not drink dry red wine.

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