How to use the shoe holder

when we wear shoes, have we ever encountered the situation that it is difficult to put the shoes in? It’s true that there are more and more kinds of shoes nowadays, and they are generally not made for us. So when we buy shoes, we can only buy our own shoes according to the shape of our feet. However, there are always a little disappointments in the shoes, such as too narrow and so on, Then we need a shoe pick at this time.

what is a shoe pick? In fact, the shoe holder is convenient for us to wear shoes. It was used in ancient times. Therefore, it can be said that the shoe holder has a certain history in China. Now, let’s have a general understanding of the function of the shoe holder and its use method.


shoe pull-out can assist in putting on shoes, one-step in place, no need to untie the shoelace or use a hand, and no need to step on the back of shoes.

how to use:

when wearing shoes, you should first loosen the laces and then use the shoe puller. It is the first step of shoe maintenance to use it carefully on weekdays. Shoe damage starts with the heel. Therefore, the utility model can make more use of the shoe puller to wear shoes. The long handle can be prepared at home, while the portable one is usually prepared. In addition, when wearing shoes, don’t squeeze hard. You can first put your foot into the shoes, and then insert the shoe into the shoes vertically with the shoe pull close to the heel, and then pull out the shoe pull after pushing the heel in. Wear the leather shoes that have shoelaces, should develop the habit of wearing again after loosening shoelaces.

above is how to use the shoe holder. In daily life, I believe many people will use the shoe holder, but not everyone can use it correctly. If we have friends in need, we can refer to the correct use of the shoe holder.

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