How to use toilet dredger? Toilet dredging tips

although we have so many toilet dredging tips, the most important thing is to pay attention not to put hard objects into the toilet on weekdays. As long as we pay attention at ordinary times, the problem of toilet blockage can be cured.

how to use toilet dredger? Toilet dredging tips

toilet dredging agent

toilet dredging agent is a new type of kitchen and toilet pipeline dredging product, which is mainly aimed at the blockage caused by grease, hair, vegetable residue, paper cotton fiber and other organic substances in the toilet.

product performance:

pipeline dredging agent can quickly and effectively decompose the sewage grease, hair, leftovers of vegetable leaves, kitchen garbage and other blocking substances, so as to achieve the function of rapid dredging, strong sterilization and odor removal. It can effectively prevent pipeline blockage and pipeline maintenance, and has no corrosiveness to cast iron, rubber and plastic pipes. It is an economical and convenient cleaning product.

scope of application:

1. This product can quickly dissolve: grease, hair, leftovers of vegetable leaves, kitchen garbage, tea residue, pet hair, flying insects and cockroaches, toilet paper, mop hair and other kinds of small blockage.

2. Pipeline type for trial use: This product does not corrode cast iron and plastic pipes. But not for aluminum products.


1, toilet blocked, water is very slow.

2. Pour in a bottle at the entrance, then add about 1kg of water, so that the product will slowly penetrate to the blocked position after fully dissolving.

3. When the water level is lowered, add appropriate amount of water to push the once filled solution to the position where the pipeline is blocked. After one hour, flush it with a large amount of water to dredge it.


1. Do not directly contact skin or take orally. Children are not allowed to enter.

2. Do not use other dredging agents or chemicals before and after using this product.

3. This product can not be used for cleaning aluminum products.

4. This product is safe and stable in cold water. If you encounter high water temperature, you will react violently, and the resolving ability and temperature will increase rapidly. At this time, please pay attention to safety and do a good job in protection to prevent splashing.

5. Please wait patiently after use because this product can continuously act on the blockage.

6. Please use the dredger in a well ventilated environment. Strong dredger, urine alkali thawing agent and cement dissolving agent have different formulations, which may solidify when they are used with each other. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that customers use another one three days after each product is used, so as to prevent interaction.

package, storage and transportation:

600g / bottle or 25kg / bag; According to the general chemical transportation.

toilet dredger how to use

you may have encountered the problem of sewer or toilet blocked, generally will find a professional company to solve, in fact, can completely solve their own. Professional dredging companies generally use the right red dredging machine. Families can buy the following manual dredger at the hardware store. The general price is 10-20 yuan, which is much cheaper than letting professional companies dredge 100-300 yuan. Manual dredger is actually a wire spring with a hook in the front, a metal bar in the middle, and a handle in the back. When using, plug the front end into the toilet or sewer. While shaking the handle clockwise, swing the front end of the dredger up and down with your hand. If you feel that the hook of the front end of the spring hooks something or is entangled, it means that the plug in the toilet is caught. At this time, slowly pull out the dredger. Congratulations on the toilet or sewer being connected´╝ł If one person is inconvenient to operate the dredger, two people can use it together.)

the reason why the toilet is blocked is

the toilet is a necessary sanitary ware in modern home. However, due to various reasons, the toilet in the toilet will inevitably encounter many problems. If the toilet is blocked, we should not open it blindly, The most sensible way is to find the reason, and then analyze, according to the reason to find the right way. Usually the toilet is blocked for the following reasons. Let’s take you to understand some solutions and emergency measures after the toilet is blocked.

the pressure of the toilet water tank is too low

at this time, find the valve to adjust the water level of the water tank, check whether the flushing pipe is blocked, and then adjust the flushing force of the toilet water tank according to the actual situation.

improper installation of toilet

sometimes due to various reasons, the toilet at home is not firmly installed or too firmly sealed. Because of this, it’s very common for the toilet to be blocked. So in this case, if you want to re install, first of all, you have to fully dredge the toilet, and then the next step is better.

the toilet water storage machete is blocked by stolen goods

in case of being blocked by stolen goods, the most direct and effective way is to use the toilet pry, pry hard for a few times, and then rinse with clean water for several times.

the ventilation inside and outside the toilet is not smooth

if the ventilation of the toilet is not smooth enough, the toilet will be easily blocked. In this case, you can tear off the black rubber strip of the toilet and the ground contact part, and then leak a small hole, so as to make the toilet inside and outside ventilation.

toilet dredge tips

a toilet block will cause great inconvenience to life, this time the residents usually choose a professional company to pass the toilet, but in fact you can do everything by yourself:

use wet rag to dredge the toilet,

connect the hose to the tap water, Wrap a rag around the other end and insert it into the sewer. Just turn on the tap water. The pressure of tap water is about 4MPa, which can completely flush your sewer. As long as the leakage is prevented.

use the beverage bottle to dredge

find an empty coke bottle, cut it off under the mouth of the coke bottle, and then put it upside down in the toilet. Hold the bottom of the bottle with your hand and draw it up a few times, which can effectively dredge the toilet.

tongxiling Shutong

buy a bottle of tongxiling in the supermarket. First put hot water in the toilet, and then pour in the liquid. The amount of pouring should refer to the manual. Finally, solve the remaining problems with leather tigers.

professional master to dredge

if the various dredging methods described in the article have been tried, or can not find the cause of the toilet jam, this time you can call the professional master to dredge, to avoid in case you don’t know how to make the toilet more blocked, it will be more troublesome to solve it.

although we have so many tips to dredge the toilet, the most important thing is to pay attention not to put hard objects into the toilet on weekdays. As long as we pay attention at ordinary times, the problem of toilet blockage can be cured.

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