How to wash chili oil

when we eat, many people have different hobbies, such as some people like to be jealous, some people like to eat chili, but friends who like to eat chili often encounter such a problem, that is, when we eat, we will accidentally splash chili oil on ourselves. How can we solve this situation? How to wash chili oil?

if chili oil is splashed on our bodies, we can choose to apply some toothpaste, gently rub a few times, after a while, and then wash with clean water, so that the oil stains can be easily removed. In addition, the alcohol can also be gently applied to the place splashed by chili oil, and the oil can also be removed.


1. Use paper towel to absorb oil stains as much as possible, then scrub with detergent, and finally put it into the washing machine.

2. Squeeze some toothpaste on the stains, rub it gently for several times, and then rub it with clean water to remove the oil stains.

3, can use gasoline, tetrachloroethylene and other organic solution to wipe or brush to remove, the effect is not bad.

4. For white clothes, soak the stains in diluted 84 for a period of time.

5, the oil stains on clothes can be scrubbed with pine perfume, banana water, gasoline and so on, and then put in 3% of the brine for a few minutes and rinse with water.

6. If silk ornaments are stained with oil, gently scrub them with acetone solution.

7. Oil stains on dark clothes can be removed by scrubbing with residual tea.

8, a little toothpaste mixed with washing powder, rub the oil stains on the clothes, oil stains can be removed.

9. Take a little flour, mix it into a paste, apply it on the front and back of the clothes, dry it in the sun, remove the shell, and then remove the oil stains.

in our life, it is inevitable to put some soup or oil stains on our bodies when we eat, leaving different sizes of spots. Therefore, we should not panic when we use this situation, we can choose some tips to deal with such emergencies.

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