How to wash snow boots? The method of cleaning snow boots is

How to wash snow boots? Cleaning method of no injury to snow boots:

cleaning method of no injury to snow boots: 6667

a simple cleaning method:

1, clean the outside with sponge and toothpaste. Squeeze the toothpaste on the surface of the snow boots and gently sponge them. Other detergents or washing powder on the colored ingredients to make it dyed, so the best toothpaste with the white one.

2. To wash the fluff inside, just pour the washing liquid into the clean water, then soak the dirty fluff in the water for cleaning, gently rub it with your hand, and then gently wring out the water. Remember, do not use a brush, must use hand rub, so that it is clean and will not damage the fluff. Finally, use a secret weapon & mdash& mdash;& mdash; Electric hair dryer, such a blow, let the boot fluffy back to the original.

1, white snow boots

1, white snow boots vamp: please remember, with white toothpaste + water + soft brush + natural drying! Sure, the colored ingredients on other detergents or washing powder will make it dyed, so toothpaste is the best, white one is the best!!!

2, white boot tube: take care of the method, such as the shoe surface bubble into the water to clean, in about 80% dry time to pay attention to the shoe shape, otherwise it will be very wrinkled, generally nothing.

3, white snow boots hair: use colorless and transparent detergent + clear water + gently knead + gently wring off the water + natural drying, when 80% dry, you can use blowing + small comb to comb the hair to make the hair set, and then natural drying.

2, light snow boots

1, light (camel, gray, beige, pink, sky blue, etc.) vamp, if not special stains, ordinary water + soft brush + natural drying immediately! For special stains, please use transparent detergent + soft brush + natural air dry.

2, light color boot tube. For example, when the vamp is dried, don’t use too much force to deform the shoes. When the vamp is dried to 80%, pay attention to shaping, otherwise the shoes will wrinkle. Generally, it’s not so troublesome to wash the whole shoe in water. Brush the vamp and it will dry quickly.

3, light color snow boots, such as white snow boots.

three, dark snow boots

1, dark (brown or brown, black, scarlet, etc.) vamp: take care of light color, but pay attention not to use detergent containing bleaching ingredients.

2, dark boots: take care of light color, do not use detergent containing bleaching ingredients.

3, dark snow boots hair: take care of light color, pay attention not to use detergent containing bleaching ingredients.

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