How to wash the blinds? Electric shutter cleaning tips

cleaning shutters often have a certain degree of difficulty. It’s very troublesome to take it off and wash it. It’s not clean if you don’t take it off and wash it. So, how to clean the electric blinds? Here is a cleaning method, you can clean it without removing it.

specific steps for cleaning blinds:

(1) first put on rubber gloves, then wear military gloves outside, then immerse hands in diluted solution of household detergent, and then screw hands dry.

(2) insert the finger into the fully open shutter blade, clamp the finger and slide it with force, so that the dirt on the blade can be easily removed.

(3) if the military gloves are dirty, you can put your hands into the cleaning liquid like washing hands and rub them vigorously to clean the gloves.

(4) after the blinds are wiped clean, the rope that adjusts the blade can also be wiped in the same way. And the window of similar shutter or curtain, can use this method to clean.

if the dirt still can not be removed by the above method, it is also very effective to spray ethanol (alcohol) on the shutter, and then clamp and wipe it with military gloves stained with water.

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