How to wash your face with milk

milk is rich in calcium. Drinking milk is very helpful to our health. In addition to milk can supplement the body’s need for calcium, there are some other effects! Milk wash face is a lot of sisters like, because milk can make our skin become more white, the effect is very good, so how to use milk wash face? What details can make the skin more white?

how to wash your face with milk? There are many ways to wash your face with milk. Some friends love to use milk to wash directly. Some love to use the mask paper in the milk and then bring it to a face. Ladies and sisters, let’s study together.

method / step

the quickest and most direct method

a basin of warm water, the prepared milk directly into the basin, stir evenly.

and then you can clean the face normally, the water in the basin as little as possible, so that the effect of milk will play more fully.

persistently washing your face with milk can whiten your skin from the inside out.

mask paper

mask refers to immerse in the milk, after boiling, on the face for 10 minutes or so.

mask can not be applied, 2-3 times a week.

pat face

after the normal cleaning cotton part, you can take out the milk to use, gently dip some milk and directly pat on the face.

keep slapping the face until the milk on the face is completely absorbed, and then wash the face again.

towel for face dressing

after cleaning the skin, you can dip the towel with milk, and then spread the towel containing milk on the face. 2223, 333, 0001, 113-5 points later. If you don’t feel it enough, you can continue to apply it with milk.

, the last wash can be

, this method of moisturizing more thorough, let the skin more healthy.

milk + honey is easier to dry skin in cold winter, so we need some water locking and moisturizing products.

honey has a good moisturizing effect.

after cleaning the skin, you can mix 3-4 drops of honey with milk, and mix well with your fingers.

, then put some on your face and massage it. If you don’t use it, just dip it until your face is massaged. Take it and rinse it.


expired milk is not recommended to use

face acne, milk will aggravate acne, so the use of milk products is prohibited.

how to wash your face with milk? This article introduces several commonly used methods and steps, you must understand Oh, if you want to make your skin more white, you can try the above methods, use milk to wash your face, as long as you follow the above steps, I believe our skin will be more and more white and tender.

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