Human nutrients

a person must need a variety of nutrients to keep healthy. For example, protein is the basis of life and an important material to promote the synthesis and decomposition of the body. For another example, fat is an important source of nutrients. Of course, there are many nutrients in life that are indispensable to the human body.

these elements together constitute the indispensable elements of the human body. What are the nutrients in the human body? What nutrients do you need to supplement for your health? How to supplement these nutrients?


protein is the basis of all life, which is constantly synthesized and decomposed in the body. It is an important component to constitute, update and repair tissues and cells. It participates in the regulation of material metabolism and physiological functions, ensuring the growth, development, reproduction, heredity and energy supply of the body. Meat, eggs, milk, fish and beans are the main nutrients that provide protein.


fat is one of the sources of energy. It helps to absorb fat soluble vitamins (a, D, e, K and carotene), protect and fix internal organs, prevent heat loss and maintain body temperature. Fat is the main nutrient that provides fat.


vitamin is necessary to maintain human health, the demand is less, but because the body can not synthesize or insufficient synthesis, it must be taken from food. Water soluble vitamins (vitamin B, vitamin C) and fat soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, e, K, etc.). They are very important for the normal growth and development of human body and the regulation of physiological functions. Vegetables and fruits are the main nutrients to provide vitamins.


sugars are the main energy materials of human body, and more than 70% of the energy needed by human body is supplied by sugars. It is also an important component of tissues and cells. Cereals are the main nutrients that provide sugar.


minerals are important components of bones, teeth and other tissues. They can activate hormones and maintain the major hormone system, and play a very important role in physiological regulation. Vegetables and fruits are the main nutrients that provide minerals.


water is the main component of body fluid, which is necessary to maintain life, accounting for about 60% of body weight. It has the functions of regulating body temperature, transporting substances, promoting internal chemical reaction and lubrication. The main source of water is the water we use every day to maintain the body’s needs.

dietary fiber

dietary fiber refers to the ingredients in plants that cannot be digested and absorbed. It is an indispensable factor to maintain health. It can soften intestinal substances, stimulate gastric wall peristalsis and assist defecation. And reduce the absorption of cholesterol and glucose in the blood.

these are the nutrients needed by the human body. For the human body, these nutrients are necessary and indispensable. Of course, the daily supplement should be appropriate. It can be said that only appropriate supplement can better promote the health of the body. If the supplement is too much, it will cause the problem of over nutrition. If the supplement is too small, it will cause the problem of over nutrition, It can lead to malnutrition.

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