Humidifier use knowledge

when winter comes, there is nothing more fortunate than sitting in a heating room listening to the north wind whistling out of the window. The only drawback – drying, but also because of the existence of puff out humidifier, and not a problem.

first of all, humidifier is definitely necessary,

Zhang Hong, an expert in respiratory and critical care medicine department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that indoor humidification is still necessary in winter, especially for some patients with respiratory diseases, their respiratory tract may “lose water” in a dry environment, or even cause discomfort, Serious will lead to aggravation of underlying diseases“ For example, in elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, if the respiratory tract is “dehydrated”, sputum will adhere to the tracheobronchial wall, coughing will not come out, which is very uncomfortable

humidification time is not the longer the better

many people are lazy. As soon as the humidifier is turned on for a day, people think that the longer the humidifier is turned on, the higher the indoor humidity is. Zhang Hong said that in fact, the higher the relative humidity of the indoor environment, the better.

as a simple example, we all feel very uncomfortable when we catch up with the “sauna day” in summer. The temperature is not too high, but the humidity is very high, often reaching 80-90%. In this case, the sweat of the human body can not be discharged, and we feel uncomfortable. Generally speaking, indoor humidity in winter between 30% to 60% is the more appropriate “degree”. At the same time, this humidity range is an ideal range for reducing the occurrence of diseases and indoor biological pollutants. If you feel you can’t master the humidity, you might as well buy a thermometer.

humidifier can not only use tap water

experts introduce that the common humidifier principle on the market now includes heating to produce water vapor and ultrasonic high-frequency vibration to atomize water. The principle of heating to produce water vapor is actually the same as that of boiling water at home. When using this kind of humidifier, the water must be distilled water, never tap water or mineral water. Zhang Hong said that if the tap water is used, the calcium ions in the water will fly all over the house with the steam. After a long time, it will “smear” a layer of “white frost” on all indoor objects. This layer of “white frost” is actually the crystallization of calcium carbonate on the surface of the object. Therefore, to humidifier water to choose distilled water, home can replace distilled water is pure water; Mineral water is not suitable for filling because it contains minerals such as calcium.

humidifier and its surroundings need to be cleaned frequently. Zhang Hong specially reminded that not only the humidifier should be cleaned frequently, but also the walls, floors and furniture around the humidifier should be wiped more. This is because the humidity around the humidifier is relatively high. If it is not dried, this too humid local environment is conducive to the propagation of fungi, and then they are blown to every corner of the room by the humidifier. Some people are allergic constitution, fungi, mold density is too large, may cause exogenous allergic alveolitis. Zhang Hong once treated such a patient, “every time he uses a humidifier at home, he will get sick for two days. The main symptoms include fever, cough, asthma and so on.” Zhang Hong said that if alveolitis is not treated in time, it will lead to pulmonary fibrosis and cause more serious problems. Therefore, when using the humidifier, we should not only clean the humidifier regularly, but also do a good job in the sanitation of the surrounding environment.

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