I didn’t expect that too much salt would do so much harm. Be careful with freckles

salt is one of our hazards: headache

a study shows that people who take 3500 milligrams of sodium a day are more likely to have a headache than those who take 1500 milligrams of sodium a day. Excessive sodium intake will increase the pressure of blood vessels, cause brain edema, and even squeeze nerves, resulting in headache. Reducing sodium intake can effectively improve headache. John middot; Hopkins University research shows that reducing daily salt intake from 9 grams to 3 grams can reduce the risk of headache by 31%.

harm 2: mouth dry

after eating high salt food, such as potato chips, fried chicken, you will feel thirsty immediately. This is because the electrolyte balance of salt and water in the body is broken. To restore balance, the brain signals thirst, allowing you to drink. Experts remind us to prepare white water when eating salty food, and drink water while eating, so that the kidney can excrete excess sodium and potassium slowly; Don’t drink a big bottle when you are thirsty, and don’t drink sweet drinks, otherwise it will increase the burden on the kidney.

Harm 5: slow response

eating too much salt will dehydrate cells, and it is difficult for people to concentrate on thinking in the state of water shortage. A study published in the American Journal of nutrition shows that mild water shortage can cause women to perform worse in attention, memory, reasoning ability and reaction time tests than when they have enough water in the body. In addition, the lack of water can make people’s mood plummet.

harm six: induce a variety of diseases

excessive sodium intake in salt can cause adrenal gland and brain tissue to release a factor, this factor will lead to increased blood pressure;

when sodium ion is discharged from human body, it will also carry part of calcium ion, which will lead to bone thinning and osteoporosis;

after eating food with high salt content, many people can obviously feel the increase of throat mucus and unclear throat;

the food with too much salt will reduce the viscosity of the protective mucus in the stomach and reduce its protective effect on the gastric wall. All kinds of harmful factors in the food are more likely to act on the gastric wall, which will promote the occurrence of a variety of gastric diseases.

Harm 7: excessive salt intake is prone to freckles

ladies who love beauty and like to eat salty food should pay attention to the fact that if we eat too much salt, freckles will easily grow on our skin. If we eat too much salt, our complexion will turn black and yellow, At the same time, the probability of freckles on the face will also be greatly increased. If you eat meat and protein rich food at the same time, it will slow down the body’s metabolism and make freckles more obvious. Therefore, women who like salt and have freckles on their faces should be very careful, Can slowly reduce the intake of salt, freckles on the face will gradually disappear.

harm eight: excessive salt intake, body swelling

the following are overweight lovely snacks. Attention, excessive salt intake will lead to a lot of salt accumulation in the body, affect our sweat glands, make the body’s excess water can’t be eliminated, make our plump body become swollen, Even if we have a lot of urination or sweating, it’s only a temporary relief and can’t cure the root cause. We want to lose weight, but it doesn’t have any effect. It’s also because the salt in the body is making trouble, so the plump and lovely snacks should pay attention to the appropriate amount of salt intake!

Harm 9: excessive salt intake is easy to cause cancer

cancer has always been one of the killers of our health. There are many causes of cancer. Today we are talking about the problem of eating salt, That’s right. Excessive intake of salt in our daily life is one of the killers of cancer. Some salt loving friends may eat more than 20 grams of salt a day. In fact, it’s a very dangerous thing. If you want to do this every day, your risk of cancer and myocardial infarction will be higher than those who take 5 to 10 grams of salt a day, In addition, don’t laugh if you take 10 grams of salt every day, because the best daily salt intake of the human body is 6 grams. I hope you can slowly reduce the salt intake!

harm 10: excessive salt intake is prone to high blood pressure

in recent years, there are more and more people with high blood pressure around us, so what causes our blood pressure to rise so much? Yes, in fact, he is eating too much salt. It is also said that eating too much salt will increase our blood volume and lead to the increase of blood vessel wall pressure, Let us arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure will come, so we need to control the salt intake in life, supplemented by scientific methods, our blood pressure will naturally fall down, high blood pressure will never return!

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