I like to eat crabs. Precautions and taboos of eating crabs

in the ordinary

1, you must eat well cooked crabs, roast is the best way to cook crabs. Because the crabs can’t be put, they should be eaten quickly when they are cooked. Otherwise, they are very easy to produce bacteria. If they can’t be eaten, they can be put in a ventilated and cool place. When they are ready to eat, they must be cooked before they are used.

2. Don’t drink water when eating crabs. You can drink water before eating crabs, but don’t drink water during eating and after eating for a period of time, so as not to cause stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea and discomfort.

3. You can’t eat persimmon after eating crab, because it can easily lead to poisoning.

4. Dead crabs can’t be eaten: there are a lot of bacteria inside and outside the body of river crabs, and living crabs can excrete bacteria through metabolism in the body; Once a crab dies, the bacteria in its body will multiply and decompose the crab meat. Some bacteria also produce toxins, which will cause food poisoning.

when eating crab, pay attention not to eat crab’s stomach, because crabs like dark places, so there may be sand and stones in their bodies. They must be washed clean before eating, so as not to affect their health.

The eating method of crabs is

1. Crabs are salty and cold, and they also eat rotten animals. Therefore, when eating, they must be dipped in ginger vinegar to remove cold and kill bacteria, and should not be eaten alone.

2. The gills, sandbags and viscera of crabs contain a lot of bacteria and toxins, which must be removed when eating.

3. Crabs often contain Salmonella. When cooking, they must be heated thoroughly. Otherwise, it is easy to cause acute gastroenteritis or food poisoning, and even endanger people’s lives.

4. When processing crabs, it’s better to steam them with salt instead of boiling them.

5. When steaming the crab, the crab should be tied to prevent legs falling and yellowing after steaming. When raw crabs are shelled, blanch them in boiling water for 3 minutes, so that the crab meat can be easily removed without waste.

6. After buying the crabs, you don’t need to wash them with water, put them into a clean jar or jar, add two broken eggs with brown rice, and then sprinkle two handfuls of black sesame to submerge the lid of the crabs, then cover the mouth of the jar with cotton cloth to make the air circulate, but you can’t see the sun for the crabs. Take them out for about three days. Because the crabs absorb the nutrition from the rice and eggs, the crab belly is strong and plump, The weight increased significantly, and it tasted fat, delicious and delicious.

7, crab is easy to move wind, so it is not easy to eat cold.

Storage of crabs:

1. Store crabs in refrigerator. The number of crabs purchased is small, and the crabs that can be eaten in about three days are relatively simple to preserve. Choose the crabs that are vigorous. Tie up the feet of crabs to reduce the physical consumption of crabs. Then put them in the refrigerator, keep the temperature at 5-10 degrees, and cover them with wet towel. When eating every day, choose the crabs with insufficient vitality first, and the crabs with enough vitality can continue to be preserved.

the way to distinguish is: touch the crab’s eyes with your hand, if the reaction is not sensitive, eat it first.

2. Select vigorous crabs, prepare a 30-50cm high plastic bucket / basin, and put crabs in it without stacking; Then add water to half the height of the crab’s body, mainly to keep moisture, not to bury all the crabs. Because you are unlikely to be equipped with oxygen enrichment equipment, if the water is too deep, the crab will die of hypoxia and suffocation. The crabs in Yangcheng Lake can be stored in this way for more than 5 days when the temperature is not high.

3. If you can’t eat all the crabs you bought in three or five days, the best way to keep them is to let them out of your bathtub to enjoy themselves. Because the walls of the bathtub are smooth, the crabs can’t escape. Gently pour the crabs into the bathtub and fill it with water until the crabs are just buried, so that the crabs can breathe on the water, According to the storage time and quantity, a small amount of small fish and shrimp are put in. Generally, the storage time of Yangcheng Lake crabs can be more than 7 days or longer, and the survival rate of good quality crabs can reach more than 95%. In addition, check the crabs every day and eat them in time.

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