Ice can not only make delicious ice drink, but also collect the daily magic of ice

ice is solid water made by freezing liquid water. Usually used to cool or make ice drinks. According to the need, water can also be poured into the mold, so as to make ice with specific shape, such as popsicle. Ice is also essential to affect the taste of blending. In addition, let’s have a look at the ice cubes with you. The daily magical functions of ice cubes are

1. Antipyretic

. Pack the ice cubes in plastic bags and wrap them in the head, neck, armpit and chest with dry towel, which can quickly reduce the body temperature and prevent brain burns.

2. Treatment of scald

mild scald can be directly applied with clean ice, which can not only relieve pain, but also reduce the occurrence of blisters.

3. For heatstroke

, apply ice on the head and chest immediately. When the head is exposed to direct sunlight, severe headache can also be immediately cooled with ice.

4. Treatment of dermatitis

in summer, if you have rash or small rash, you can use ice water to scrub the affected part, which can not only relieve itching, but also make rash subside as soon as possible.

5. In the treatment of trauma

, it is not allowed to apply hot compress after collision and sprain, which will cause small blood vessel rupture and bleeding. Instead, ice compress should be applied on the injured part to reduce blood vessel bleeding and prevent hematoma formation, which is conducive to the recovery of contusion.

6. Treatment of insect bites

after bee and insect bites, the wound will be painful and swollen. In addition to drug treatment, can be in the local ice, both pain, but also to prevent the spread of toxins.

7. Stop bleeding

when symptoms such as black stool and ah blood appear, you can first apply ice on the stomach and chest to reduce bleeding and buy time for hospital rescue. In case of nosebleed, ice compress should be applied to the air in the wind pool behind the neck and on both sides of the nasal wing to stop bleeding immediately.

8. Pain relief

pricks in the finger tip should be removed with a needle. You can press the finger tip on the ice until it is numb, and there will be no pain when pricking.

Ice beauty and skin care efficacy


press the ice on the annoying pimples, can effectively eliminate redness and swelling. Ice can not only reduce inflammation, but also reduce the pain caused by acne. Wrap some ice in a towel, then apply it to the area affected by acne. Take it away after five to ten minutes, and the acne will freeze away!

to pouch, eliminate eye edema

did not sleep well at night, get up in the morning eye edema, very ugly! When drinking coffee in the morning, you can wrap some ice in a towel and apply it to the swollen eyes. After a while, there is no sign of sleeping well at night. In addition, if you use black tea water or ice mixed with cucumber water, it will make you feel fresher!

shrink pores

apply a piece of ice on your face before making up every day. Apply more ice on the area with large pores, which can effectively shrink pores and make your make-up look more detailed after making up.

light skin

, break some fruit, such as cucumber, strawberry or mango, add water to ice and then rub it gently on the face. Once a week, it can mask the same effect and lighten the skin.

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