If the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, mites will breed. Daily maintenance of air conditioner

says that the dirtiest one is air conditioner

. Nowadays, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and every air conditioner in the home feels that it has no taste of life. Especially the southerners, when there is no heating in winter, suffer even if. You have to enjoy some in summer, or you will be scorched easily. But long-term stay in the airtight air-conditioned room will also affect the body, air-conditioned room is generally airtight, people are prone to water shortage.

at this time, it is best to put a humidifier or a basin of water in it to ensure that there is sufficient moisture in the air.

air conditioner looks very clean from the outside, few people will pay attention to the internal structure of the air conditioner, let alone clean it. In fact, when the air conditioner operates for a long time, it will be stained with a lot of dust. Someone abroad has done such an experiment, using two bowls of the same rice to do the experiment. One bowl is placed in the ordinary temperature (without air conditioning), and the other bowl is placed in the air conditioning room. Finally, it is found that the rice in the air conditioning room turns sour.

let’s teach you some ways to clean the air conditioner; Tips & quot;:

first turn off the air conditioner.

turn off the air conditioner to avoid potential safety hazard. Then take a piece of cloth to wipe the air conditioner.

[requirement] the material of the cloth is like silk, so the air conditioner will not leave scratches. Then take down the filter of the air conditioner, because the filter is the dirtiest place in the whole air conditioner, so it’s better to clean it up. We can use some detergent, it will be easier to clean it. In addition, it’s more complicated to clean the filter screen. You must be careful. You’d better wear gloves.

if you think this is too troublesome, then there is another simple way. We can buy some professional cleaners online or in the supermarket. The price of cleaners is not very high. We just need to spray it on the fan blades of the air conditioner, wait for 20 minutes, and finally turn on the air conditioner, so that all the dirty things inside will be blown out by the wind, and then we can clean up the dirty things inside.

of course, many people will choose to ask the master to clean. This is OK, but the price is relatively high. You can choose according to your actual situation.

people who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time must pay attention to drinking water. If dizziness or nausea occurs, they should deal with it in time. Finally, the temperature of the air-conditioned room should be reduced or they should leave the air-conditioned room temporarily.

Purchase principle

look for the brand

now there are many air conditioning brands in the market, domestic and foreign, most of them have their own unique advertising, which makes it difficult for consumers to choose. It is suggested that when choosing air conditioners, we should choose those products with strong enterprise strength, high brand awareness and perfect after-sales service. This is based on two considerations. The first is to ensure the implementation of after-sales service. Because air conditioning is a large household appliance, after-sales service is very important. According to the relevant regulations of the state, compressors should be guaranteed for three years, while the competition in the home appliance market is almost white hot. Some manufacturers often have a short survival period, and some of them fall down in three or five years. If the enterprise fails, it will be difficult to fulfill its promise. If you blindly buy cheap products with weak enterprise strength and low brand awareness, you will have endless troubles. Secondly, from the perspective of quality, because the air conditioning with strong enterprise strength and high brand awareness is relatively stable in quality. Such enterprises not only have strong technical force, but also pay special attention to quality, so the quality of such products is guaranteed.

choose a good business

consumers in the choice of air conditioning brand, but also decide where to buy. When buying air conditioning, it is particularly important to choose the business. Because strictly speaking, the air conditioner is a semi-finished product, which can not be used when bought from the store. It can only be used after being installed and debugged by a professional team. If the installation and debugging is not good, it will bring a series of problems, such as the air is not clean, the leakage at the pipe connection, and man-made faults during debugging. These will not only affect the use effect, but also add a lot of trouble. At the same time, many after-sales service measures of manufacturers also need to be implemented by businesses. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good business. In the selection of businesses, industry insiders suggest that we should first choose those big businesses with strong strength and local influence, because these businesses have many varieties and sales, and generally have professional installation and debugging teams, whose installation and debugging quality is guaranteed, and after-sales service is relatively perfect. The second is to choose those long-term air-conditioning dealers, try not to go to short-term dealers to buy, because such dealers after-sales service will be greatly discounted.

purchase of

air conditioner is a kind of household appliances with large consumption. If the power selected is too small, it will not work; If the power is too large, it will be wasted. So when consumers choose the power of air conditioning, they should measure the room and buy it. First, don’t be greedy. Some consumers like to buy large air conditioners, which is not desirable, because apart from some special factors, household air conditioners have their use scope. Consumers should choose the type of air conditioner according to the area of their living room when they buy. Generally, they can calculate the cooling capacity and heating capacity required by the room according to the following formula. Cooling capacity room area & times; 140W to 180W; Heating room area & times; 180W to 240W. In addition, according to the orientation of the room, the height of the floor and the degree of sealing, it should be increased or decreased appropriately. Second, according to the design of the room, flexible purchase. Don’t like some families, buy a large air conditioner in the living room, in order to save the room, not only difficult to protect the whole room, but also cause waste. Reasonable practice is, should be based on the room type, buy some small power air conditioning, each tube each room. In this way, on the surface, the initial investment is large, but in the long run, it is cost-effective. For example, for a 110 square meter three room two living room, you can buy a cabinet type two piece air conditioner to put in the living room, which can protect both the living room and the dining room, and the bedroom can be separately equipped with one piece of small air conditioner. This is more reasonable than just buying a three piece air conditioner in the living room.

Choose the right time

to buy air conditioner. Unlike most other household appliances, it has a price that fluctuates with the temperature. It is understood that from October of the previous year to the end of March of the next year, it is the off-season; From April to September is the peak season. The price difference between the peak season and the off season is about 7% – 10%. An air conditioner can be hundreds or even thousands of yuan cheaper. In the peak season, six, seven and eight months of the peak season are prosperous. Generally speaking, some manufacturers will adjust their prices according to the sales situation at that time. Therefore, when buying an air conditioner, if you grasp the opportunity, you can save a lot of money.


summer residents use a lot of electricity, mostly due to the use of air conditioning, air conditioning power saving can be said to be an important means of household appliances power saving. Experts put forward that in the peak of power consumption, if the air conditioning is increased by 1 ℃ on the basis of the usual temperature, about 10% of the power load can be saved; Using the sleep function of the air conditioner can save 20% electricity. If the air conditioning temperature of a 300 room hotel is raised by 1 ℃, it will solve the electricity problem of dozens of families. For each kilowatt hour of electricity saved, 0.4KG of standard coal, 4 liters of purified water, 0.272kg of carbon dust, 0.997kg of carbon dioxide and 0.03kg of sulfur dioxide will be saved. Not to mention from & lt; Big power consumer; Air conditioning starts to save electricity, while saving energy, it also saves considerable money. Scientific experiments show that the comfortable indoor temperature of human body is 24 ℃ in summer; 28 ℃ and 18 ℃ in winter; 22℃。 When the air relative humidity is 50% and the temperature is 25 ℃, the human body feels the most comfortable. The following methods can be referred to.

first move: don’t blindly covet the low temperature of the air conditioner, just set the air conditioner temperature properly, because when the air conditioner is cooling, if the set temperature is increased by 2 ℃, it can save electricity by 20%. Experts say that for people who are sitting or doing light work, the acceptable indoor temperature is generally between 27 ℃ and 28 ℃, so at this time, You can set the air conditioner to sleep, which can also save electricity.

the second move: choose the air conditioner with moderate cooling power. An air conditioner with insufficient cooling power not only can not provide enough cooling effect, but also can shorten the service life of the air conditioner and increase the possibility of air conditioner failure due to long-time uninterrupted operation. So will it be better to choose the air conditioner with more cooling power? Not really. According to reports, if the cooling power of the air conditioner is too large, the thermostat of the air conditioner will be switched on and off too frequently, which will increase the wear of the air conditioner compressor; At the same time, it will also increase the power consumption of air conditioning.

the third move: close the doors and windows when opening the air conditioner. Do not open the door frequently in air-conditioned rooms to reduce the infiltration of hot air. At the same time, for the air conditioner with ventilation function and window type air conditioner, in the case of no odor in the room, you can not open the door for ventilation, which can save 5% – 8% of the energy.

Maintenance maintenance

how to maintain and clean the air conditioner

the maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner is the main key to the maintenance of the air conditioner, which is conducive to improving the refrigeration effect, shortening the cooling time and saving energy, It is beneficial to prolong the service life of air conditioner, and is an important part of rational use of air conditioner and strengthening standardized management. In the past, air-conditioner users did not pay enough attention to the maintenance and cleaning of air-conditioners. Now we should strengthen the work in this field and promote the development of air-conditioning industry.

maintenance before start-up

household air conditioners are usually shut down and out of service in September, and only start-up in May to June of the next year, and out of service for more than half a year. Therefore, before starting the air conditioner, we must do a comprehensive & lt; Diagnosis;, Check whether the air conditioning equipment is available; Problems;, According to the results of the inventory, under the guidance of professional and technical personnel, do a good job of maintenance and cleaning. This time, the maintenance and cleaning should be in place, including the shell, body and filter screen of outdoor and indoor units, and then start the trial operation to observe the cooling speed and effect.

maintenance in the process of starting up

the maintenance times in the process of starting up the air conditioner are determined by many factors, such as environmental conditions, climatic conditions, starting hours, surrounding dust, air cleanliness, whether the room is clean or not. The environmental conditions are poor, the weather is hot, the air conditioner is old, the air conditioner starts up for a long time, and the maintenance times in the process of starting up the air conditioner increase, usually about once a month and a half. If the environmental conditions are good, the air conditioner is relatively new, the dust in the air is less, the air conditioner starts up reasonably, and it is used alternately with the electric fan, the maintenance cycle can be appropriately extended, from the air conditioner starts up to the air conditioner shut down maintenance 1 & mdash; two

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