If you eat late, you should be careful of the disease!

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be careful when you eat late! If you eat too late for dinner, it will lead to metabolic disorder, which will make you often feel weak, dizzy, memory loss, and thinking ability decline. You can also easily suffer from feeling, skin boils, and prolonged wounds due to decreased immunity.

2, late dinner, easy to get fat!

it’s a long night after dinner. People have little activity and consume less energy. If you eat dinner too late, it will increase the content of sugar, fat and amino acids in the blood at night, and turn them into your own fat, which will deposit in all parts of the body, and make you fat.

3, late dinner, be careful of stomach disease,

people’s gastric mucosa is very delicate, during the day, the gastric mucosa must complete the digestion task of diet with quality and quantity, and the gastric mucosa renewal task is carried out at night when the body is resting. Those who eat too late for dinner have to work night shifts with their stomachs. The fatigue state of the stomach, coupled with the aging of the mucosa can not be updated in time, a long time, stomach disease will appear.

, eat late dinner, watch out for diabetes

dinner too late, will stimulate the secretion of insulin, resulting in excessive secretion of insulin B cells, if the long-term sustained overload secretion, especially in the elderly, it will cause diabetes due to failure of B cell function.

when is the best time for dinner:

the best time for dinner is around 18 o’clock. Don’t go to bed within four hours after dinner. Studies have shown that eating less dinner makes you sleep better. The right dinner should eat 8 full, to feel not hungry for the degree. The best time for dinner is around 6 p.m. and try not to exceed 9 p.m. You’d better not eat any solid food after 9 p.m. In addition, do not go to bed within four hours after dinner, so that the food eaten at night can be fully digested.

therefore, if you are a long-term overtime worker, you can set an alarm clock to remind you to have a meal. After dinner, you can continue to work. It can not only give your brain enough rest time, but also ensure the quality of dinner. The dinner can be a little light. If you eat too greasy, it is not easy to digest.

dinner should not be too full

as the saying goes, & lt; Eat well in the morning, be full at noon, and eat less in the evening;. There is also a saying in traditional Chinese medicine; Stomach disharmony and restlessness;, That is to say, if the stomach is not comfortable, then sleep is not stable. In the course of time, if we eat too much for dinner, it will increase the burden of the stomach and intestines. The information of the nervous work will constantly spread to the brain, which leads to insomnia and dreams. As a result, the elderly people who are prone to neurasthenia and other diseases in the long run will have to stimulate the secretion of insulin every day after a long dinner. The burden of insulin B cells will increase and then they will be exhausted, which will easily lead to diabetes. In addition, if the dinner is too full, there must be some proteins that cannot be digested by the intestines and stomach. Under the action of intestinal bacteria, proteins will produce toxic substances. In addition, the peristalsis speed of the intestinal wall during sleep is slower than that during the day, which will relatively prolong the residence time of these toxic substances in the digestive tract, and may promote the occurrence of intestinal cancer. Therefore, dinner should not be too full, let alone overeating.

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