If you eat too much salt, it’s easy to age. Pay attention to the cooking method of food. If you reduce the salt, it’s not salty.

sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty are the five flavors that people often say. Today we’re going to talk about salty, which is one of the five flavors? Cause 5 big harm you should understand!

first, the mouth is dry and the tongue is dry. Although sodium is an indispensable element in our life, the consumption of sodium must be well controlled, because once the sodium content is too much, the human body will not be able to absorb it completely, so that those unabsorbed sodium elements will accumulate in the human body, Then it will increase the concentration of blood, and if you want the normal circulation of blood, you need to dilute this high concentration, so you need to get more water from the surrounding to achieve the purpose, so that the normal circulation of blood, less water in the body, it will show the phenomenon of dry mouth.

second, the human body aging

through the above introduction, we know that once the content of sodium in the human body is too much, there will be water shortage in the body, and once a large amount of water shortage in the body, it is not conducive to the normal metabolism of the body, and at this time, the cells in the body will die because they can not get moisture, A large number of cell death, will make the skin appear signs of dry aging, visible to improve this phenomenon, or need to add enough water.

Third, if the body is swollen, the excessive intake of sodium in the human body will also affect people’s kidneys and increase the workload of the kidneys. The kidneys dominate the urinary system of the human body. If the kidneys are abnormal, Then it can’t control the discharge of urine in the body well, and then it will cause excessive accumulation of urine, so that the water can’t be discharged from the body in time. When it reaches a certain degree in the human body, it will act on the whole body, making it swollen. We all know that if the food we eat is too salty, it will cause us to drink a lot of water and increase the amount of water in our body, so the amount and frequency of urination will also increase.

fifth, dizziness and brain distention

excessive intake of salt can not be completely absorbed by the body, which will increase the concentration of blood. Once the concentration increases, it will accumulate in the blood and hinder the input of oxygen, resulting in dizziness and brain distention due to hypoxia.

We have 75% of the salt in our diet comes from bread, breakfast cereals and fast food. Some foods that are usually high in salt include anchovies, bacon, cheese, marinated meat, olives, pickles, shrimp and soy sauce.

at the same time, the NHS emphasizes that sauces, chips, ready-made sandwiches, sausages and ketchup contain more salt, and even soluble vitamin supplements and painkillers can contain up to 1 gram of salt per tablet.

in fact, as long as you pay attention to the cooking method and seasoning method of food, you can get delicious and keep healthy at the same time.

late salt is better than early salt

in order to achieve the same saltiness, late salt is less than early salt.

put more vinegar, less sugar

there is a wonderful interaction between the taste of food. A small amount of salt can highlight the sweetness of a large amount of sugar, while a spoonful of sugar can reduce the saltiness of the dish. On the contrary, the sour can strengthen the salty, put more vinegar will not feel too light salty.

salt containing food ingredients

in addition to salt and soy sauce, many condiments and food ingredients contain salt, such as chicken essence, Douban sauce, yellow sauce, Douchi, seafood juice, shrimp skin, sea rice, etc.

using low sodium condiment

using low sodium salt is the simplest way to reduce salt intake in families. It can reduce salt intake and effectively increase potassium intake without affecting the salty feeling.

when buying processed food, look at the sodium content

. Read the nutrition table on the product package carefully to find those processed products with the same delicious taste and low sodium content.

Eat less staple food made with salt, such as all kinds of salty cakes, dried noodles and ramen made with salt and alkali, bread fermented with salt, etc. If you really want to eat noodles and other fast food, do not drink soup, and drink extra tea or white water.

eat less processed meat products

salted meat, ham, bacon and other processed meat products are very high in salt content. If you must eat it, it is recommended to eat it with food without salt or with less salt.

eat a salt free meal the next day

no salty food for breakfast or dinner. For example, breakfast with cereals as the staple food, with a large cup of soy milk or milk, yogurt, add some raisins, dried apricots and other dried fruit seasoning, and eat some small tomatoes and fruits. You can also change cereal slices into oatmeal porridge, add water and dried fruits or roast sesame to increase flavor.

after the above introduction, do you understand the impact of salt on the body? Therefore, we should control the intake of salt in our daily life, especially for the vulnerable groups such as the elderly or children.

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