If you often eat overnight food, it will cause cancer. If you eat overnight food, will nitrite overrun?

the so-called overnight food is not just the food that has been cooked overnight. In fact, even if you fry it in the morning and eat it in the evening, nitrite will still be produced. Nitrite reacts with blood in human body, which leads to hypoxia and more adverse reactions. Let’s have a look at it.

although every one of us has cancer cells in our body, not everyone will suffer from cancer.

1, green vegetables

in our life, many people say that overnight dishes are easy to cause cancer. In fact, this is not the case. As long as the overnight time is not long, then these overnight dishes can still be eaten. Because the vegetables with a long time overnight are easy to drop a lot of bacteria, at the same time, they will also produce a lot of carcinogens: nitrite, especially some green vegetables are very easy to produce carcinogens, so the green vegetables with a long time overnight are not edible, easy to cause the spread and metastasis of cancer cells, and let the cancer come uninvited.

2, shrimp food

shrimp food is a very popular food in our daily life. These shrimp food include shrimp skin, shrimp roe and lobster. Because many shrimp food live in the sea, they are also a kind of seafood food. Seafood contains a lot of salt and mineral elements, so cooked seafood is easy to generate a lot of carcinogenic ingredients overnight. After human consumption, cancer cells will change, which is likely to lead to cancer.

3 Uncooked eggs

in our daily life, many people like to eat half cooked eggs, but also have a special feeling for such eggs. But many people hate this kind of undercooked eggs, after eating prone to nausea and vomiting symptoms. Moreover, this kind of uncooked eggs will produce a lot of bacteria after overnight, so it is easy to lead to toxic reactions in the human body. At the same time, it is also the nourishment of cancer cells, which is easy to induce some cancer diseases.


, such as mushrooms, Lentinus edodes, tremella fuciformis, Auricularia auricula and so on. Generally, this kind of food material is cultivated or wild, no matter which way, a lot of residual nitrite, if the time is too long, it is best to throw away.

5 Many people like to eat some stewed vegetables, but pay attention not to buy too many of them. Try to finish them all at once, because if you can’t finish them, bacteria will grow even if you put them in the refrigerator.

will nitrite overspend? Don’t worry,

experiment shows that the human body intake of 0.2g nitrite will present poisoning, we need to intake 30kg spinach to reach the amount of poisoning, which is obviously unrealistic. Even if these nitrates and protein metabolites form nitrosamines, such a small amount of nitrite is unlikely to form many carcinogenic nitrosamines.

well, I hope you don’t worry after reading it. You should eat and drink. Just pay attention to the preservation of some food materials. Vegetables, fruits and meat should be eaten fresh, so as not to produce bacteria easily after a long time!

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