If you want to eat a buffet like this, you can enjoy it, and you are not afraid to gain weight

a lot of people are saying & lt; Help the wall in and help the wall out; Even if it takes a small advantage, it is likely to suffer a big loss in health. Therefore, to eat self-help, the heart must have a steelyard. Let’s go and have a look!

When you start a buffet, don’t eat too much. Instead, you should take a small bowl of light soup or porridge, or eat some light vegetables and fruits as an appetizer, and then slowly eat some staple food, Finally, eat fish, poultry and other meat. In this way, the chance of eating too much fat and fish and poultry meat is less, while ensuring the intake of vegetables and fruits, providing rich vitamins and dietary fiber, avoiding the trouble of obesity.

scratch the plate & lt; “Three eight line”;

looking at all kinds of rich ingredients, one wants to eat and the other wants to taste. I’m afraid it’s difficult to control one’s hand. How to use quantitative and reasonable collocation is the key to healthy eating.

split the regular plate into two, pretending to draw a line; Three eight line & quot;. Half of the plates were filled with non starch vegetables; A small half with some fruit; The other half of the plate is divided into two parts, half of which contains grains, and the other half contains protein rich foods such as fish, shrimp, meat and eggs. In addition, it can be served with a small bowl of clear soup or a glass of milk. If you have nuts, you can have a handful. This meal is enough.

Choose less staple food, choose more miscellaneous food

buffet generally has more meat food, heavy oil and heavy taste, a large amount of protein intake is easy to increase the burden of digestive tract, even the buffet should also pay attention to staple food. You can choose some coarse cereals or potatoes such as taro and sweet potato as staple food, and increase the intake of some dietary fiber and B vitamins. As there are many kinds of buffet, you can take some of each, but not more.

raw seafood should not exceed 1 / 4 plate

in addition to the common chicken, duck and fish, there may be expensive raw seafood in the buffet. When choosing, don’t be greedy, control in 1 / 4 plate. In addition, try to choose a light cooking method to make meat, and give priority to low-fat fish and poultry, or use a small amount of bean products to replace some meat.

vegetable salad with oil and vinegar juice to adjust

can choose more dark vegetables, different colors match each other, rich nutrition and appetite. However, many vegetables in the buffet come from vegetable salad. It is suggested that you reduce the amount of salad dressing (high fat content) or use oil and vinegar sauce directly for seasoning. Try to eat less desserts and sweet drinks, and use fruits as desserts. Try to choose fresh fruits instead of fruit juice.

How can you enjoy a buffet without being afraid of getting fat?

first of all, it is very important to choose the right ingredients and eat them in order. The order of buffet intake is: fruits and vegetables & mdash& mdash; Seafood & mdash& mdash; Meat & mdash& mdash; Salad & mdash& mdash; Staple food & mdash& mdash; Why eat fruits and vegetables before meals? Because fruits and vegetables digest quickly, they can be digested in about 30 minutes, and many fruits and vegetables have high dietary fiber content, which can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis.

can also prevent the blood glucose from increasing too fast when eating high GI food. We know that the fluctuation of blood glucose will promote the formation of fat! In addition, some acidic fruits can also be appetizer.

2, seafood

all kinds of crabs, scallops, salmon eat up, ultra-low calorie no burden, basic can eat cool.

but it should be noted that we should not eat too much just because we prefer a certain kind of food. We should still adhere to the principle of small amount and variety and choose as many kinds as possible.

3 Meat

after eating seafood, we can eat meat. What kind of meat should we choose?

is of course high in protein and low in fat. Pork and other ultra-high fat content on the direct refusal, fat cattle, fat sheep try not to eat it!

steak, lamb chops must be to eat, and then you can choose some chicken, remember to remove the skin.

4, salad

. Maybe I’m a little tired at this time. It’s time to have a salad.

pay attention to the choice of cold dishes to refuse to eat a lot of sesame oil and chili oil dishes.

cold cucumber, kelp and so on is very good!

if not, eat some sour fruits, such as Kiwi fruit, lemon, etc.

5, staple food

staple food can choose pasta, sushi, fried rice and so on don’t eat, too oily.

6, dessert

try to choose healthy desserts such as tremella soup and small balls, or just some fruit.

cake is not recommended. The calories are too high and the taste is not good. Don’t eat ice cream simply. Alternation of cold and hot is not good for the stomach, and the calories are really high.

after eating this meal, the basic sense of happiness is full. Friends can be used as a cheat meal, once a month or two.

There are still some places to pay attention to when eating!

1, refused drinks

buffet provides a lot of drinks, quality differences are large, and most of them are not conducive to fat reduction, so do not drink drinks. You can eat fruit directly or have some mineral water ~

2, use a small plate

. You must take a small plate when eating a buffet. In this way, you can urge yourself to walk more times, and ensure that you don’t take too much of each kind of food, and you won’t eat too much.

3, do not eat too fast

eat too fast will easily lead to rapid increase in blood sugar, insulin, promote the formation of fat Oh. Chewing slowly is the right way

in fact, what to eat is not the most important, the formation of good eating habits is more important!

pursuit of reducing fat can not blindly diet, no matter when you eat healthy and reasonable ~!

in fact, buffet can also be very healthy, remember not to eat too much ~

Warm tips: because there are many kinds of food in buffet, it’s easy to exceed the standard of energy. It’s better to eat it at noon and have some activities after eating, You can eat less than usual, and keep a certain amount of exercise after dinner. In this way, you can keep the balance of eating and moving as much as possible. Don’t eat a buffet in a row. There should be at least three days between two buffets to avoid weight gain due to energy accumulation.

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