I’m not an apple, please call me rich fruit nutrition increase 30% of the way to eat apples

an apple a day, the doctor away from you. It may be the most popular health proverb in the world, but few people know its origin. Let’s learn about it.

“ Apple & quot; In fact, it’s just code number

. According to historical records, & lt; One apple a day; The first time it appeared in the records was around 1860, which came from the Pembroke proverb in Wales, England. At that time, the saying was: an apple before going to bed, the doctor has no bread. In ancient England, bread was a means of livelihood, which was equivalent to the well-known “bread” in China; There will be bread;.

to the end of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century, this sentence evolved into & quot; An apple a day, don’t pay doctor& ldquo; An apple a day keeps the doctor away from me& rdquo; The current version of the argument is relatively different; Young;, The earliest year was 1922.

as to why it’s a day & lt; Apple & quot;, The truth is surprising: it’s just because Apple’s English word apple is easy to remember and rhymes.

apples do have good nutritional value. Ancient Romans and Anglo Saxons already knew that apples were healthy. It is even said that ancient Indians included it in the Ayurveda (ancient Indian herbal medicine) 1500 years ago. Modern medicine and scientific research have also confirmed many health benefits of apples. For example, in 2012, a study by Ohio State University found that middle-aged people who eat an apple every day can significantly reduce their & lt; Bad cholesterol & quot;; A 2011 Dutch study said eating apples and pears could help prevent stroke.

in ancient English; Apple & quot; The meaning is much broader than that of modern times. At that time, apple meant & quot; All the round fruit growing on the tree;. For example, in the Bible, Adam and Eve steal the forbidden fruit of the forbidden fruit, which is now described as an apple. However, in the 1611 edition of the Bible, its name is still “apple”; Fruit & quot;.

“ I’m not an apple, please call me Fuguo;

is different from ancient times, modern people choose to continue an apple a day, in fact, it has a lot of nutritional value of apple

antioxidant effect: the research team of Cornell University immersed the brain cells of mice in liquid containing quercetin and vitamin C, It was found that the antioxidant capacity of brain cells was significantly enhanced. Compared with other fruits and vegetables, quercetin in apples is the best, and red apples are better than yellow apples and green apples. So, for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s syndrome, apple is the best food.

strengthen bone:

apple contains mineral elements boron and manganese which can strengthen bone. A study in the United States found that boron can greatly increase the concentration of estrogen and other compounds in the blood, which can effectively prevent the loss of calcium. Medical experts believe that if menopausal women can take 3 grams of boron every day, their calcium loss rate can be reduced by 46%. Menopausal women eat more apples, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of calcium and the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

maintain acid-base balance:

70% of diseases occur in people with acid constitution, and apples are alkaline food. Eating apples can quickly neutralize excessive acid substances in the body (including acid produced by exercise and acid metabolites produced by acidic food such as fish, meat and eggs), and enhance physical strength and disease resistance.

After eating apples for so many years, I ate them wrong?!

finally, how to eat apple? Some people say that it’s not easy. Wash it clean, chew it, and get it done& hellip;

is not simple at all. For example, the topic of whether or not to eat apple peel can be debated for three days without any result.

apple peel has the highest nutritional value in the whole apple, especially the highest antioxidant content. Even if the negative effects of pesticide residues or fruit wax are taken into account, the huge benefits of Apple belts will not be offset.

therefore, as long as you don’t have psychological barriers and wash properly, you can gnaw the belt core without leaving a bit.

children’s shoes with good eyesight will find: & lt; Nani, even the skin, what the hell is the nuclear& rdquo;

in fact, most normal people eat apples around the apple core, and the rest are thrown into the garbage and fed to pigs in the countryside. It’s like this.

it is said that & lt; Apple kernel is poisonous;, There are also reports that one year olds drink apple juice and feel sick. So some people invented all kinds of tools to remove the apple core.

some of them are specially de nucleated, which can poke the apple to the heart; There are more multi-functional, hand knife off, not only the apple core is gone, but also the apple is divided into a petal, quite convenient.

however, Apple Eating experts pointed out that all the above eating methods were wrong or extremely wasteful.

foreign research found that this way of eating wasted 15% – 30% of the apple and its nutrition!

statistics show that if you comply with & lt; One apple a day; If you eat 100 Jin of apples on a big date in a year, you will lose at least 100 yuan a year on the conservative basis of 4 yuan a jin of apples. American magazines even calculate that the economic loss caused by eating apples by mistake in the United States is as high as $13.2 billion a year & hellip& hellip;

first of all, say & lt; Apple kernel is poisonous; Not exactly. The main poison is apple seeds. Apple seeds contain cyanogen glycosides, which are actually non-toxic, but can hydrolyze toxic hydrocyanic acid under the action of biological enzymes.

however, the content of cyanoside in apple seed is very low, which is harmful to hamsters and so on. It will not be toxic if one or two of them are eaten by human body. Unless someone’s going to chew on apple seeds.

at present, all the reports about Apple nuclear poisoning are speculation and even threats.

, followed by & lt; Apple kernel & quot; It’s just a legend. Atlantic Monthly has proved that the whole apple can be eaten by experiments.

apple core is a product of society. In fact, it’s just a fishfin like fibrous band. Its diameter is not as wide as a pencil, and its taste is not bad. As long as you eat apples vertically, you can completely ignore them.

real person demonstration shows that as long as you start eating from the top or bottom of the apple, you can eat up all the apples, just spit out the apple core& ldquo; Peeling Party & quot; You can also take this method after peeling.

this is the right way to eat apples. How dare you try?

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