Imported baby milk powder

now a large number of imported baby milk powder occupy the Chinese market, but we should remind you that imported milk powder is not necessarily safe, and now there are many labeled “foreign milk powder”. Now according to the media exposure, many milk powder in China’s market is “fake goat’s milk”, which is registered in New Zealand and the United States as milk powder brands, and is OEM produced in China. It is understood that more than 70% of more than 100 foreign milk powder brands are OEM products in China.

recently, the State Administration of work safety reminded everyone that imported infant milk powder is not necessarily safer than domestic milk powder. Many cheap imported milk powder from Haitao is sold to Chinese people after expiration or shelf life modification. Many mothers should pay attention to the low price milk powder, so as not to cause harm to the baby. So what do you need to pay attention to when buying imported baby milk powder? Now let the experts explain it to you.

1. The Chinese label of foreign milk powder is fake

, the outer package is printed in foreign language, and then pasted with a small Chinese label, which is the key method for many mothers to identify imported food. As a result, many fake foreign devils seized the consumer’s psychology, first printed the package in foreign language, and then pasted Chinese labels, trying to impersonate foreign goods. However, from today on, such products will no longer have shelter. According to the national regulations, if there is no Chinese label on the product package or the Chinese label does not conform to China’s laws and regulations and national food safety standards, all products will be returned or destroyed as unqualified products. If you see that the foreign milk powder produced after April 1 is still labeled in Chinese, it means that the product is fake.

2. Don’t buy the foreign milk powder whose label doesn’t meet the requirements 6667

. In the past, there were some disadvantages in putting Chinese labels on milk powder cans. For example, the amount of information was relatively small, some only indicated the product name, ingredient list, place of origin, agent and other information, and even didn’t have the cultivation sub table. The requirement of printing Chinese labels is more conducive to consumers’ understanding of the product. When you buy imported milk powder, you should pay attention to check whether it is marked with food name, net content, production date and shelf life, ingredient list, nutritional composition list, eating method (feeding table), storage method, country or region of origin, agent name and contact method, etc. if the content is incomplete, it is fake.

3. Online shopping and overseas milk powder should be cautious

many mothers like online shopping and overseas milk powder. Here we remind you that online shopping of foreign milk powder is best to go to the e-commerce place designated by the manufacturer. For example, a certain imported foreign milk powder is marked as a designated e-commerce in the official online mall, and mothers can buy it at the designated authorized website, Note that the products are generally self operated by e-commerce, and some individuals or shop sellers need to be cautious. If you want to buy the overseas version of milk powder, you’d better go to the local regular supermarket to buy it or let relatives and friends buy it on behalf of you. Because you have limited knowledge of other countries’ products and are not familiar with foreign languages, it’s difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the products. Moreover, there is no after-sales guarantee after you buy it, you’d better buy it through regular channels.

after the introduction of infant imported milk powder, do mothers know how to buy milk powder? I hope these can help mothers. In this remind you must choose the regular supermarket and official website, careful to buy fake milk powder hurt children. In fact, no matter how good the milk powder is, it’s not as good as breast-feeding. It can not only make children feel at ease and drink boldly, but also enhance the relationship between mother and child.

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