In addition to moistening the skin, Vaseline also has unexpected magical effects.

common Vaseline at home is the Savior of our dry skin. In addition to moistening the skin, there are many unexpected magical effects! What’s the use of such a can of ordinary things? Let’s share its magical functions!

1 Leather bags or shoes with scratches can be easily repaired by wiping with Vaseline, and can also make leather products look brand new.

2. When the zipper is stuck, apply Vaseline on the zipper with a cotton swab, and the zipper will pull very well.

3. When applying lipstick, apply a little Vaseline on your teeth to prevent lipstick from sticking to your teeth.

4, nail polish before the nail around the top of the forest, nail polish even when painted out can also be well cleaned.

5, sea salt and vaseline together is a natural exfoliating product.

6 Massage the skin with Vaseline, which has not removed the makeup, can help remove the makeup on the face in the most mild state!

7. If the skin of the feet is too thick, it will become hard and easy to crack. Before going to bed, smear the feet with vaseline and then put on socks. When you get up the next day, you will find that the skin of the feet will become soft and the cracking situation will be improved!

8, stubborn eye makeup can be easily removed with Vaseline!

9. Earrings that haven’t been worn for a long time are not easy to pass through the ear hole. If Vaseline is applied on the tip of earrings, the discomfort of wearing earrings can be alleviated, and the sensitive ear inflammation can be avoided.

10, put some Vaseline on the end of dry hair, you can have a soft hair!

11 Let’s spray some Vaseline on the part where you want to spray perfume, so that the fragrance will last longer.

12. Cold runny nose lotion can easily scratch the skin of the nose. Smearing some Vaseline around the nose can avoid skin redness.

13. Apply Vaseline before sunscreen to help sunscreen more evenly.

14. When the clothes are stained with make-up, it is better to apply Vaseline on the dirty place.

15. When there is no cosmetics on hand that can brighten the skin, apply Vaseline on the part you want to brighten to create a natural luster.

16 It can prevent baby’s diaper rash. Now babies will use diapers, but after a long time of use, the baby’s butt is particularly easy to get diaper rash. If you put a layer of Vaseline on your butt first, it can greatly relieve diaper rash. Because the nature of Vaseline is particularly stable, and the skin can not absorb it. After coating, it can effectively isolate urine. If it can’t touch urine, the baby’s butt will not have skin problems.

17. It can accelerate the healing of small wounds. Vaseline has no anti-inflammatory effect. However, Vaseline coated on small wounds can effectively isolate air and bacteria, allowing the skin to heal quickly without external interference. Of course, you can’t use Vaseline after scalding, because the skin will be edematous after scalding and need ventilation, and vaseline can block the moisture volatilization from the skin.

18 It can isolate make-up and reduce the damage of cosmetics to skin. The fine powder in the make-up will have a bad effect on the skin. If you use Vaseline as a base before making up, because Vaseline will not be absorbed by the skin. After covering the skin surface, you can effectively isolate the make-up, which is much more reliable than the isolation cream. Of course, oil pox skin can not use Vaseline, may be dull pox.

19. It can accelerate the repair of sensitive skin. When the skin is sensitive, the skin’s defense ability to the outside world is reduced. At this time, the chemical components in the skin care products applied on the skin will be easier to enter the skin, thus causing irritation (itching, pricking, redness, closed mouth acne, etc.)& nbsp; Vaseline is a very stable chemical component, which can effectively isolate dust, bacteria and other microorganisms, and has a strong water locking ability (it can lock 99% of the water in the skin and not volatilize away). The most important point is that the skin does not absorb it and will not enter the skin to produce irritation. At the same time, bacteria can not survive in Vaseline and do not need preservatives. With so many advantages, Vaseline can provide the safest protection for sensitive skin when it recovers naked face.

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