In addition to the stains of soup, red wine, coke, ink and coffee on the carpet,

carpet is one of the arts and Crafts categories with a long history and tradition in the world. It is mainly made of cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass and other natural fibers or chemical synthetic fiber raw materials by hand or mechanical process. Carpet is mainly used to cover the floor of residence, hotel, gymnasium, exhibition hall, vehicle, ship and plane, which has the effect of reducing noise, heat insulation and decoration.

carpet cleaning: how to remove the stains on the carpet, such as soup, red wine, coke, ink, coffee, etc.

when friends get together, when there are children at home, or accidentally stain the carpet, how to clean it? The following is the life common sense network collection and collation of the carpet stains on the removal of magic. How to deal with the soup dripping on the carpet. Should successively use clean dry cloth or towel to absorb moisture, and then sprinkle some salt on the stain. After the salt surface infiltrates and absorbs, use a vacuum cleaner to suck away the salt, and then level the carpet with a brush.

2, what to do when coke is on the carpet

coke is accidentally sprinkled on the carpet, and it’s not sprinkled on the carpet a lot. You can squeeze some detergent (any detergent can be used, washing powder can be used, but don’t use too much) into the dirty place, and then brush it gently and repeatedly with a toothbrush or small brush until the cola stains are removed, Coke stains are easy to remove. Don’t worry.

and then wipe the area with a wet towel repeatedly until there is no detergent left. This method can only be used for cleaning chemical fiber carpet, plastic carpet and ordinary pure wool carpet. more:

3 How to wash red wine stains on light carpet! Pour the white wine on the carpet and pat it dry. White wine can remove red wine stains because its light color and low alcohol content help to dilute and decompose red wine stains. Bottles of white wine or any white wine you left in the fridge can be used to remove red wine stains.

once you have poured enough white wine to make the red wine stain pale, pat the stain with a tissue or bath towel to make it as dry as possible. Do not wipe, otherwise it will make the red wine stains scattered or red wine color dyed deeper in the carpet. You can also use carpet cleaner or detergent to remove the last stain; But white wine is the key. Pour it where there are red wine stains. more:

4 Other stains on the carpet can be removed by using citric acid to wipe the ink stains on the carpet. After that, clean the area with clean water, and then wipe off the water with dry towel: coffee, cocoa Tea stains can be removed with glycerin; fruit juice can be removed with cold water and a small amount of dilute ammonia solution; paint stains can be made into porridge with gasoline and washing powder, and applied to the paint at night. After washing with warm water the next morning, dry the water with dry towel.

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