In autumn, eating more of these foods can resist colds

In autumn, eating more of these foods can resist cold

. Potato food is recommended as staple food

. Using potato food instead of refined white rice flour as staple food can provide a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B1, potassium, dietary fiber, etc. while satiety. Yam, taro and sweet potato also contain mucin with immune promoting activity, which is very helpful for improving resistance. In addition to potatoes, eating more dark red or black coarse grains and beans is also helpful to improve immunity.

tips: be sure to use potato food instead of staple food, not after eating a large bowl of rice to eat a large piece of baked sweet potato. Remember not to eat fried potato food, you can use the method of cooking stew heating.

fungi enhance immunity

fungi contain fungi polysaccharides, which are effective substances to improve and protect the body’s immunity. Boletus, Flammulina velutipes, winter mushrooms and Lentinus edodes can be bought everywhere on the market. They not only taste good, but also contain rich nutrients. They are also excellent food for fighting colds.

grains and seafood can supplement zinc

in trace elements, zinc is closely related to immune function. Zinc can enhance the phagocytic ability of cells, so as to play a bactericidal role. Grains are rich in zinc, which is crucial to the immune system. You can choose whole grain buckwheat noodles or try nutritious rice made from various grains. Other foods containing zinc include oysters, pig liver, chicken liver, peanuts, fish, eggs, beef and black sesame.

egg legume complement protein

protein is the key material of human immune system, the essence of antibody is the protein material with special function. Therefore, we must ensure that we always take in a certain amount of high-quality protein from food. High quality protein mainly comes from milk, eggs, fish and shrimp, lean meat, soybean and other products.

in plant protein, the benefits of soybean protein are known by people on earth, but there are many substances in soybean that can improve immunity, such as saponins with antiviral effect and lectins that activate the immune system. On weekdays, if there are conditions, you can squeeze soybean milk to drink at home, which is both environmentally friendly and healthy. Try not to choose fried bean products such as fried bean curd. Tofu, shredded tofu, tofu skin, dried tofu and soybean milk are all very good
among animal proteins, milk and eggs are the best, so we should form the habit of drinking milk and eating eggs every day.

tips: experts remind, supplement protein & lt; Appropriate amount & quot; Just as important, excessive intake can also damage the body’s immunity. Because excessive intake of fish and meat increases the gastrointestinal burden, affects the absorption and full utilization of protein, and also affects the absorption and utilization of other nutrients. All kinds of nutrients should cooperate with each other, restrict each other, and jointly protect and improve the body’s immunity.

dark green and orange vegetables increase vitamin a

experts say that orange vegetables are rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. Vitamin A can enhance the function of human epithelial cells and produce resistance to cold virus. It can strengthen the mucous membrane of throat and lung and maintain their normal metabolism.

green vegetables are rich in folic acid, which is required for the synthesis of immune substances, and a large number of flavonoids can work together with vitamin C, which is very helpful to maintain resistance. It can promote the synthesis of antiviral substances such as interferon, and increase some immune indexes.

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