In spring, they eat more black food

In spring, eat more black food

; in spring, eat more black food

; Five color food nourishes the five internal organs Red into the heart, cyan into the liver, yellow into the spleen, white into the lung, black into the kidney. Black food is generally rich in trace elements and vitamins, which can nourish the kidney and tonify the kidney qi.

1, chestnuts:

chestnuts are sweet and warm in nature. They have the effects of nourishing stomach and spleen, tonifying kidney and tendons, promoting blood circulation and hemostasis, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. They are especially suitable for people with weak waist and knees, waist and foot failure, frequent urination and spleen and kidney deficiency due to kidney deficiency.

2, black rice:

black rice is rich in protein, amino acids, iron, calcium, manganese, zinc and other trace elements, with the effect of appetizing and benefiting the middle, smoothing and astringent essence, invigorating the spleen and warming the liver, relaxing tendons and activating blood circulation; Black rice and purple rice are precious varieties of rice, belonging to the category of glutinous rice.

3, black beans:

black beans taste sweet and flat, not only the shape of the kidney, but also tonifying the kidney, promoting blood circulation and diuresis, detoxification, moisturizing effect, especially suitable for patients with kidney deficiency.

4, Auricularia auricula:

, Auricularia auricula is sweet and smooth, with the effect of Tonifying Qi and kidney, cooling blood and hemostasis. Modern medical experiments show that it has the effect of reducing blood clots, so it is quite beneficial to patients with brain and cardiovascular diseases.

5, black sesame:

, black sesame has the function of Tonifying the liver and kidney, moistening the five internal organs, and has a good therapeutic and health care effect on dizziness, white hair, hair loss, waist and knee soreness caused by liver and kidney blood essence deficiency.

6, walnut:

, walnut has the function of tonifying kidney and strengthening essence, diuresis and removing stones, moistening intestines and defecating, warming lung and relieving asthma, and is commonly used in kidney deficiency, low back pain, urinary tract stones, etc.

7, black jujube:

made of black jujube is dried jujube, its tonic effect is greater than that of fresh jujube, compared with red jujube, its blood tonic effect is stronger. Zizyphus jujuba is sweet and warm, which can nourish the liver and kidney, moisten dryness and generate fluid.

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