In summer, eat more melon: melon promotes digestion

3 Summer health eat more melon: melon promote digestion

summer health eat more melon

melon: promote digestion, in addition to halitosis, melon is also a common summer melon.

eat cantaloupe in summer, No; It’s seasonal, which is good for your health. Secondly, it has a special fragrance. It contains a kind of converting enzyme, which can make the protein absorbed by the human body convert well, which is conducive to the absorption of the human body. Therefore, cantaloupe also has an important effect, that is, it can remove halitosis.

most of the causes of halitosis are stomach fire; On the one hand, the conversion enzyme contained in cantaloupe can promote the digestion of protein; on the other hand, cantaloupe itself is a kind of natural fragrance, which can make people feel very fresh. In addition, muskmelon itself is cold and cool, has the effect of reducing fire, and has the effect of reducing the body’s liver fire and stomach fire, so it can adjust the tone of breath.

cucumber: quench thirst, detoxify

relative to other melons, cucumber is more common in summer, is a frequent guest on people’s table. From the perspective of nutrition, more than 90% of cucumber ingredients are water, so the effect of quenching thirst is very obvious. In addition, cucumber contains some phytochemical components, which are common enzymes in people’s mouth. Although it contains a small amount, there are many kinds. Therefore, although cucumbers are cold and cool in nature, no matter what kind of people eat them, they are OK. They are suitable for most people. They not only have the effects of diuresis, relieving summer heat, thirst, anti inflammation and detoxification, but also have a variety of eating methods and usages. They can be used as cold dishes when mixed, fruits when raw, drinks when juiced, and vegetables when you want to make stuffing. Cucumbers can not only be eaten raw, but also be used as vegetables It’s cooked and can be used for external use.

golden melon: high sugar, rich in dietary fiber and minerals

in summer, the sugar content of golden melon is very high, higher than watermelon, so it is very sweet. In addition to sugar, golden melon contains a lot of minerals and dietary fiber.

the secret of choosing golden melon is just the opposite of choosing cantaloupe. If you want to choose sweet golden melon, you must choose the melon with concave navel. Golden melon belongs to thick skin melon, its skin is thicker than melon and watermelon. Therefore, in the selection, generally small eyes, concave, is a good melon. In addition, for the same batch of melons, melon skin color is heavier, sweetness is generally higher.

watermelon: diuretic relieve summer heat, ease oral ulcer

summer melons have some common characteristics. The first is that it has a lot of water and a good taste, which makes it very thirsty. The second is that most of the melons in summer are cool. Eating a little in hot weather is good for the balance of cold and heat.

watermelon diuretic effect is very strong, this is because it not only contains a lot of water, but also has a lot of sugar, so it has diuretic effect. Secondly, watermelon also contains a special component, which has a very good function of aborting and relieving summer heat.

for watermelon, most people are used to eating, although the nutrients and efficacy are roughly the same, but the watermelon juice after the function of thirst quenching is better.

diabetic patients can also eat watermelon, but pay attention to the location and quantity of food. For a well cut watermelon, the sugar content on the tip is the highest, not suitable for diabetics, and the white part below is edible. This part of watermelon not only has the best effect of diuresis and relieving summer heat, but also has a crispy taste, and the lowest watermelon skin boiled water has the effect of relieving oral ulcers.

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