In summer, onion can disperse wind cold

Summer Yangyang ingredients: onion can disperse cold

summer Yangyang ingredients

in hot season, people are eager to cool. But traditional Chinese medicine believes that Yang Qi is distributed to the body surface from the inside to the outside in this season, but the body is weak. In addition, modern people will eat more cold food in summer, especially Yang.


onion is spicy, slightly warm, and has the effect of spreading cold. Eating onions raw can prevent colds. It is also a food rich in powerful antioxidants, which can inhibit the aging caused by free radicals.


as the saying goes: & lt; Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer;, It was because the ancients believed that Jiang could rise to the sun. In fact, some component of ginger can kill bacteria; Pungent smell can promote appetite, is indeed the first choice in summer.


summer spleen and stomach weakness, human consumption is also large. Chinese yam with tonifying effect such as tonifying the middle and Qi, strengthening tendons and strengthening spleen can tonify Qi without stagnation and regulate the function of spleen and stomach.


small shrimp, but it has the effect of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang, regulating qi and appetizing. In summer, make a quick soup, put some Kwai into it and make it tasty.


traditional Chinese medicine believes that walnut is warm in nature, tonifying kidney and moistening intestine. In the scorching summer, walnut rich in arginine, oleic acid and vitamin E and other high antioxidant substances can help our body effectively prevent aging.

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