In the process of sprouting,

advocates a healthy diet, and sprouting at home can not only ensure safety, but also prevent the loss of nutritional value as easily as those sold outside.

the process of sprouting

is very fastidious. Improper operation will make the sprouts stink or stink. Seemingly simple sprouts are also very learned when they are sprouting. In order to enjoy the greenest food, the process of sprouting still needs to be carefully understood.

many people have never made bean sprouts by themselves. They often open the lid to watch them during the hair process. As a result, the bean sprouts taste bitter. These are details. But don’t worry. As long as you make enough preparation and pay attention to the details, there will be no problem in the process of sprouting.

material: mung bean, large coke bottle (1.5L), sunshade cloth (not transparent)

first clean the high-quality mung bean with water, and then soak it for 24 hours to make mung bean fully absorb water and expand. Note: generally should choose the bottom of the container is relatively flat, do not put too much water, just can not mung bean is appropriate, otherwise, too much water will lead to mung bean can not breathe, easy to put mung bean bubble bad. Until the sprouts out of the mung bean skin, ready to sprout; Take a look at the lovely sprouts:

drill a few holes under the Coca Cola bottle, widen the size of the holes with small scissors, take mung bean just drill out as appropriate (in order that the water poured every day does not accumulate in the bottle, to ensure the freshness of mung bean sprouts), cut off the conical part of the bottle mouth, for the convenience of ventilation and pouring water in the bottle; Put the soaked mung beans into the bottle, which is about one fifth of the height of the bottle, to give a space for bean sprouts to grow;

4. Start watering for the first time. The water flows out naturally from the bottom of the bottle.

wrap the bottle with a layer of cloth or paper. As long as it is not transparent, the bean sprouts that are transparent will turn red. This is very important; 6. If you cover the bottle with a layer of cloth, it must not be transparent;

7. Try to water three times a day, morning, middle and evening. Office workers can do it once a day. That’s the advantage of beverage bottles. Water retention is not bad; Take a look at the results in a week.

take a look at the detailed picture of bean sprouts. It’s so thick and long. It’s not worse than those bean sprouts that are driven out by the chemicals in the supermarket. If you look at the root, it’s so long and has branches. This is the real natural growth of bean sprouts! The bean sprouts produced by this method are thick and long because the bottle is very narrow and there are many beans. In this way, the bean sprouts are squeezed, and the water is not lost, which makes the bean sprouts grow more vigorously( I think it’s good to make soybean sprouts in the same way. I’ll try again when I have time.

make bean sprouts

1, choose beans: wash with water, pay attention to remove all floating beans (mung beans, soybeans, peas) when washing, these are immature or deteriorated beans, their germination rate is very low.

2, jar, or large plastic box, or other containers (no matter the material, clean, the bottom can be drained), lay a layer of clean sand with a thickness of about 5cm, and evenly lay the washed beans that have been soaked and caused expansion and cracking on the sand, not too much, otherwise it is easy to damage. Cover the beans with a layer of clean sand, about 1cm thick.

3, water several times a day to keep humidity, but do not allow water retention.

4, bean sprouts will arch out in a few days. Wash the sand away in clear water.

technical points:

a. The bad beans are removed during cleaning.

B。 Do not let the beans soak in water, but keep enough humidity.

C。 Don’t let the beans see the sun, or they will turn green immediately. Cover with sand to avoid sunlight, and if you’re not at ease, cover the container with a lid.

D。 Beans grow fast after germination, so harvest in time!

sprouting process

is actually very simple, as long as you master the tips, you can do it yourself, prepare materials for self-made. Stir fry your own bean sprouts, it must have a different taste. In the increasingly severe food safety, if you have more skills like self sprouting, your life will be guaranteed.

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