In this way, the blood enriching effect of Zizyphus jujuba is good,

This is a good way to eat jujube blood tonic effect

. This is a good way to eat jujube blood tonic effect

red jujube in the iron pan fried black after soaking in water to drink, can treat stomach cold, stomachache; With longan, it becomes a kind of tea to replenish blood and Qi, especially suitable for teachers and salesmen who use their voice more frequently. If you add 4 & mdash; 6 medlar, can also treat constipation. Female friends who often drink jujube, longan and medlar tea can have fair skin and good cosmetic effect. But pay attention, don’t put more wolfberry, just a few, red jujube and longan 6 & mdash; Eight will do. After going to work every morning, give yourself a cup of bubble, not only replenish qi and blood, but also eyesight, especially suitable for long-term sitting in front of the computer workaholic.

it’s useless to make tea without frying hard and black jujube in the iron pot. Because the jujube is wrapped in the skin, the nutrients can’t come out. However, after boiling water, the skin of the fried jujube will crack, and the nutrients will slowly seep out.

let’s introduce some nourishing methods of jujube. Red dates, peanuts, longan, plus brown sugar, add water in the pot slowly stew rotten, blood effect is very good. Red dates and red beans are put into glutinous rice to cook porridge together (first boil red beans, then put glutinous rice and red dates together), which is also a good food for enriching blood. Red jujube 10 cut, wolfberry 10, boiled water to drink, blood, kidney, specializing in the treatment of waist and knee soreness, long-term eating, as well as the role of beauty freckle.

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