In winter, eating ginseng skillfully can regulate the body

the efficacy and effect of ginseng

ginseng tastes sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm, return to the spleen, lung, heart and kidney meridians, Qi and body moistening, rising more than falling; It has the effects of Tonifying Qi, strengthening spleen and lung, calming heart and improving intelligence, nourishing blood and promoting body fluid.

Panax ginseng is mainly used to treat large and long-term complications, such as blood loss and fluid loss, which cause the vital energy to be removed and the spirit to be tired and the pulse to be weak; Lack of temper, less food, tiredness, vomiting and diarrhea; The weak Lung Qi is characterized by shortness of breath, shortness of breath and weak cough; Insomnia and dreaminess, palpitation and forgetfulness, and sweating due to deficiency of heart qi; The thirst of the deficiency of body fluid is to quench thirst; Blood deficiency of the yellow, vertigo; Kidney deficiency, impotence, frequent urination and Qi deficiency.

can accelerate lipid metabolism and significantly reduce high cholesterol. Small dose of ginseng can slightly increase the blood pressure of anesthetized animals, while large dose can decrease the blood pressure. Different ginseng preparations can enhance the function of toad heart in vitro and rabbit, cat and dog heart in vivo, and improve the myocardial weakness during ventricular fibrillation.

hypoglycemic effect: Ginseng contains ginsenoside and ginseng polysaccharide. In particular, ginsenoside Rb2 has obvious hypoglycemic effect. In addition, ginseng polysaccharide (or glycopeptide) is another hypoglycemic component in ginseng.

ginseng contains ginsenoside and ginseng polysaccharide

to enhance the immune function of the body: ginsenoside and ginseng polysaccharide are the active ingredients of ginseng to regulate the immune function, which can improve the immune function not only for normal people, but also for people with low immune function. Ginseng polysaccharide is a kind of high molecular acidic polysaccharide purified from ginseng, which is an immune enhancer. After animal experiment and human clinical observation, it is confirmed that it can significantly enhance human immunity and has certain curative effect on malignant tumor; In clinical trials, it can also prolong the survival time of patients, improve the cellular immune function of the body, reduce the toxic and side effects of radiotherapy, and accelerate the repair of damaged tissues. After clinical observation confirmed: ginseng polysaccharide has obvious effect of increasing white blood cells, combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, can reduce the side effects of radiotherapy, prevent leukopenia, so that patients can successfully complete the treatment. There was no side effect during the application of ginseng polysaccharide, which proved that the drug was safe and reliable.

to improve the ability to resist harmful stimuli, can enhance the body’s stress ability and adaptability, ginseng contains ginsenoside, can improve the anti stress effect. It can resist hypoxia, high temperature and low temperature.

eat ginseng to recuperate body in winter; Replenishing qi and blood; And & lt; Three treasures of Northeast China;, Many people think of ginseng. However, there are many Chinese herbal medicines with & lt; Refer to & quot; Chinese herbal medicines, such as Radix Codonopsis, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Sophora Flavescentis, Radix Pseudostellariae, radix ginseng, etc., have different natures, tastes and functions. This winter, let’s see how to make good use of it; Refer to & quot; To adjust the body.

ginseng greatly invigorates vital energy

ginseng is warm in nature, sweet in taste and slightly bitter in taste. It enters spleen, lung and heart channels. It is neutral in nature, and can greatly tonify the vital energy, spleen and stomach, calm the mind and benefit the mind. Modern research shows that ginseng can enhance the immune function of human body.

you can take ginseng black chicken soup in winter to replenish qi, nourish blood and calm the nerves. After boiling water to boiling point, add chicken to remove the blood stains on the surface, pour out and rinse with water, then put chicken, ginseng (the amount depends on the specific situation, the reference amount is 3 ~ 6 g), medlar 5 ~ 10 g, jujube 3, ginger into the stew, add water to stew for 2 hours, add salt and other seasoning.

infants, young people, young people with a tendency of bleeding should not use ginseng blindly. Suffering from sores, scabies, carbuncle or sore throat, ginseng should also be used with caution to avoid aggravating the disease. If you are excited or have abdominal distension and discomfort during taking ginseng, you should see a doctor immediately.

Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae can promote blood circulation and nourish the heart

many well-known drugs for promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals, such as Danshen dripping pills, contain Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae. It has the effect of activating blood circulation, removing stasis, clearing heart and calming mind.

winter climate is cold, which is the season of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Recommend a heart protecting and heart nourishing tea: Danshen 5 ~ 10g, hawthorn 10 ~ 15g, red dates 2 ~ 3, decocted into soup, drinking instead of tea. However, pregnant women and people with bleeding tendency should use it with caution, and do not take it with milk, scallion and Veratrum, so as not to affect the efficacy.

it should be emphasized that Salvia miltiorrhiza can only be used as an adjuvant treatment. If angina pectoris aggravates, attacks frequently, and pale, cold sweat, cold limbs, should immediately go to the hospital, so as not to delay the disease, life-threatening.

yuan Shen Qinghou Liyan

into the deep winter, dry weather, coupled with haze, many people feel throat discomfort. Yuanshen, originally called Xuanshen, was later renamed Yuanshen to avoid Emperor Kangxi《 The compendium of Materia Medica calls it “can”; Nourishing Yin, reducing fire and clearing throat;.

it is generally recommended that the patients with throat redness, swelling and pain due to exogenous wind heat or heat toxin accumulation, or throat dryness, pain, swelling and aphasia can take Yuanshen 10 ~ 15g, Banlangen 15 ~ 20g, Qingguo 10 ~ 15g in small amount and several times; Another method is to fry the soup with Scrophularia, and pour in Banlangen Granules. However, people with spleen and stomach dampness (patients often have loose stools, body heat, bitter mouth, thirst, less urine and yellow) should not take Yuanshen. Yuanshen should not be used with Veratrum, astragalus, dried ginger, jujube and Cornus officinalis.

TAIZISHEN is suitable for children

. In winter, children’s intestines and stomach are easy to get sick. The most common is anorexia caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction, which can be alleviated by strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach. Radix Pseudostellariae is sweet and slightly bitter. It can replenish qi and spleen, nourish yin and generate fluid. It is a kind of tonic medicine for Qi. Its nature is gentle. It is often used in children.

when the spleen and stomach are weak and Qi and Yin are injured, you can use 5 ~ 10 grams of Pseudostellaria heterophylla and 200 grams of yam to stew and mash. However, those with excess exterior pathogenic factors, i.e. wind cold, cold, fever and other diseases, should be cautious. In addition, children with special constitution, before taking any Chinese medicine, it is recommended to consult a doctor and pharmacist.

in addition, the small ginseng was also called & lt; Radix Pseudostellariae;, It is similar to ginseng in efficacy, but relatively light in potency. However, Pseudostellaria heterophylla is a kind of Caryophyllaceae plant, which is not the same as ginseng. In recent years, American ginseng has become a good tonic gift for relatives and friends. Many people can’t help but take it with & lt; Close relatives & quot; Ginseng comparison. The earliest American ginseng is & quot; Imported & quot;. It is mainly produced in the United States, Canada and France, so it is also known as American ginseng and Flemish ginseng. At present, American ginseng has been introduced into China, and its efficacy is no less than that of imported ones.

generally speaking, Panax quinquefolium and Panax ginseng have the function of Tonifying Qi and promoting body fluid, but Panax ginseng tends to help Yang, while Panax quinquefolium tends to nourish yin《 According to “Zhongshen Xilu” of medical science; Panax quinquefolium is cool and tonic. Anyone who wants to use Panax quinquefolium without warm tonic can replace it& rdquo; Therefore, some people who are not suitable for ginseng treatment and hot tonic can take American ginseng. But some constitution which is not suitable for Panax quinquefolium, such as deficiency cold of spleen and stomach, cold of limbs and so on, can be regulated by Panax quinquefolium.

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