In winter, ginger slices can dispel the cold

In winter, ginger can drive away the cold. In winter, ginger can drive away the cold. In cold weather, people always wrap up tightly when they go out, but when the cold wind strikes, they can’t help shivering.

in fact, there is a secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicine that can help you resist the invasion of cold evil when you go out. Ginger and vasodilator have a similar effect, can make the body’s pores open, so that blood vessels dilate, accelerate blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, so when you go out with a piece of ginger can eliminate cold in time.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger in your mouth when you go out can timely eliminate the cold, make the blood flow smooth, and eliminate the discomfort caused by the cold.

this is because ginger is warm and pungent. Ginger oil has a similar effect with vasodilator. It can open the pores of the body, dilate the blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore, when you go out, cut ginger into a small piece, put it in your mouth and swallow it slowly.

however, it should be noted that ginger has a large amount of gingerols. In order to avoid gastrointestinal irritation, do you want to take it too much or on an empty stomach.

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