Installation method of floor drain – how to choose the size of floor drain

some water can be poured in during the acceptance time. On the one hand, it is to check whether it is blocked, on the other hand, it can seal the odor in time. The floor drain with poor construction is not only unsightly, but also odors and overflows after use.

floor drain installation method – how to choose the floor drain size

floor drain installation method

please confirm whether the diameter of your downpipe is 5cm and whether the depth of the downpipe is 8cm (from the ground to the bottom). If the depth is only 6 cm, the submarine ultra-thin floor drain should be selected. Because the inner core of the floor drain is put into the sewer. As long as these two sizes are suitable, there will be no problem in the installation!

installation method:

1) remove the old floor drain, that is, remove the grate and bowl on the original drain to expose the downpipe; Use the electric saw to remove the old floor drain, take out the old floor drain, and see that the old floor drain is corroded and can’t be used.


3) apply appropriate amount of white cement mortar on the inner edge of the original leakage and the lower edge of the local leakage panel respectively, and cover them on the original leakage. Pay attention to the plane should be a little lower than the ground, the drain should be aligned with the sewer (very important);

4) put the inner core into the floor drain frame and screw it tightly, then cover the grate. Be sure to dry out in 12 hours before using.

floor drain size selection

deodorant floor drain size is mainly 3 inches and 4 inches in diameter, there are other sizes, from small to large, many sizes. According to the shape of the floor drain, there are square, round, rectangular and so on. The size of household square floor drain ranges from 90mm * 90mm to 150 mm * 150 mm, and the materials are brass, white copper, bronze, stainless steel, plastic, alloy, cast iron and so on.

before you buy an odor proof floor drain, you should have a basic understanding of the size of the sewer pipe in your home. If it is a national standard size, you can rest assured to buy an odor proof floor drain of the corresponding standard size. If it is not a national standard, you need to specially measure or know the size of the sewer pipe in advance, and then choose the size of the odor proof floor drain accordingly, In order to avoid the installation is not on or not appropriate, can not produce the effect of floor drain. The floor drains sold on the market are all standard sizes, so it is troublesome for consumers to buy them. If the sizes are not up to standard, the fitters need to rework them again. Therefore, the best way for consumers is not to let the fitters modify the size of the drain holes first, but to choose the right floor drain on the market first, and then let the fitters repair the drain holes according to the size of the floor drain.

attention should be paid to the opening size of the floor drain grate

the opening diameter of the floor drain grate should be 6-8mm. If it is larger than this diameter, it is easy to let hair, sludge and other things enter the sewer from the floor drain, thus causing sewer blockage and trouble.

floor drain installation precautions

floor drain requirements

1) drainage capacity

drainage capacity is the minimum requirement for floor drain.

2) the depth of water seal is

. The water seal is a water storage device used to block the escape of odor in the floor drain. The depth of water seal refers to the vertical distance between the highest water surface of the water trap in the floor drain and the lower port of the water seal. Water seal, PVC floor drain and all Tung floor drain of national mandatory water supply and drainage trap floor drain; There are odor proof floor drain with elbow, lifting floor drain, ultra-thin floor drain and special floor drain for washing machine.

floor drain installation requirements

1) the floor drain installation should be flat and straight without leakage. The floor drain should be installed at the lowest part of the ground, and the top surface of the grate should be 5mm lower than the ground where it is set. Asphalt paint should be applied twice for anticorrosion.

2) the sealing depth of the ground water leakage shall not be less than 50 mm, the installation position of the buckle bowl shall be correct, and the iron grate shall be used for anti-corrosion and flexible opening.


1) to trim the drainage reserved hole to make it completely consistent with the floor drain. The hole diameter of the floor drain grate should be controlled between 6 ~ 8mm to prevent hair, sand and other dirt from entering.

2) after the completion of construction, the gaps around the floor drain must be sealed with glass glue or adhesive to ensure that the odor cannot be released.


in the acceptance time can be filled with some water, on the one hand is to check whether it is blocked, on the other hand can timely seal the odor. The floor drain with poor construction is not only unsightly, but also odors and overflows after use.

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