Introduction to the treatment of fishbone by laryngoscope

in our life, most people love fish very much, so they will make fish food in various ways, and each method is different in nutrition and taste. But when eating fish, we must pay special attention not to be stuck in the throat by fishbone, Now let’s learn about the treatment of fishbone by laryngoscope.

treatment method:

according to the foreign body stay position with different methods.

(1) oropharyngeal foreign bodies often stay on the tonsils, which should be observed carefully before they can be found. Press down the tongue with tongue depressor and remove the foreign body with nasal forceps or tonsil hemostatic forceps after seeing clearly.

(2) foreign bodies in the laryngopharynx mostly stay in the valley of epiglottis, the base of tongue, piriform fossa, lateral wall of laryngopharynx or behind arytenoid cartilage. 1% tetracaine was sprayed on the laryngopharynx and the base of tongue, and the pharyngeal reflex disappeared after surface anesthesia. After carefully seeing the foreign body with the indirect laryngoscope, the operator selected the appropriate foreign body forceps according to the direction of foreign body penetration, and then the patient pulled out the tongue forward and downward. The operator held the indirect laryngoscope with his left hand, and put the foreign body forceps with his right hand along the base of the tongue, gradually close to the foreign body, and then took it out (). For the foreign body deep in the pyriform fossa, if it can not be taken out under the indirect laryngoscope, it can be taken out under the direct laryngoscope.


1. The foreign body in pharynx should be carefully examined. The foreign body may be covered by saliva. Some foreign bodies may penetrate between tonsil and retropharyngeal column. Some foreign bodies may penetrate deep into tonsil crypt. The foreign body in epiglottis Valley may be covered by epiglottis and not easy to be exposed. Use nasal forceps or foreign body forceps to push away the tissue and examine carefully.

2. Avoid foreign body slipping and choking into trachea during examination and removal.

3. If the patient’s chief complaint is obvious and no foreign body is found during the inspection, it can be treated as mucosal abrasion temporarily. The outpatient follow-up is more than

. This article explains in detail the treatment method of fishbone removal by laryngoscope. I believe everyone has a preliminary understanding. Although this method can successfully remove fishbone, it still has a little damage to his throat, So try not to get stuck in your throat in life.

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