Introduction to the wonderful use of yogurt

yogurt is a kind of food that we like very much. Yogurt is not only delicious, but also has good health care and health care effects. Drinking yogurt often can not only help digestion, but also help beauty and weight loss. Therefore, yogurt is very popular among female friends. In fact, yogurt can be used for eating, There are also many aspects of magic, for example, we can use yogurt to repair leather goods and maintain the floor.

yoghurt is a kind of milk product, which takes milk as raw material, pasteurizes, adds beneficial bacteria (starter) to milk, ferments, and then cools and fills. At present, most yoghurt products in the market are solidifying type, stirring type and fruit flavor type added with various juice jam and other accessories. Yogurt not only retains all the advantages of milk, but also develops its advantages and avoids its disadvantages in some aspects, making it more suitable for human nutrition and health care products.

1, leather repair: leather bags, shoes and other tarnished, use yogurt scrub, can make it as bright as new, but also repair cracks. Tip: don’t use colored yogurt.

2, maintenance of wood furniture and floor: instead of shining wax dripping on wood furniture and floor, with soft cloth friction, can decontaminate and brighten, but also to the autumn dry wood water. Tip: remember to wipe it again with clean water after use to remove the residual milk flavor.

3, watering: diluted with water, sprinkled in the flowerpot, flowers and plants have a fertile role. Tip: don’t use too much each time, don’t use too often, just twice a week.

4. Catching cockroaches: put the leftover bottles in the corner at night and watch the sticky “battle results” the next day. Tip: keep a certain amount, high viscosity and deep mouth of bottle or box to trap cockroaches.

in the above article, we introduced what is yogurt. We know that yogurt not only tastes good, but also has the effect of beauty and weight loss. Besides being edible, yogurt has many magical functions. The above introduces several aspects of yogurt magical functions.

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