Is avian flu coming again? Can you still eat chicken?

Is avian flu coming again? Can you still eat chicken?

avian influenza again? Can you still eat chicken?

“ Can’t you eat chicken, duck and eggs? Can’t I eat the dish chicken, pickled pepper and chicken feet that I’ve been longing for& rdquo; Experts said that the food can still rest assured to eat!

at present, the vast majority of confirmed h7n9 cases in China have a history of exposure or contact with live poultry before the onset of the disease, and most of them are exposed to farmers’ markets where live poultry are sold. Therefore, we should try our best to avoid direct purchase of live birds, direct contact (not to mention contact with dead birds) and self slaughter of live birds. Compared with live poultry, cold chilled poultry slaughtered intensively not only have the same nutritional value as live poultry slaughtered now, but also can greatly reduce the risk of h7n9 and other diseases.

at the same time, do not buy live poultry from mobile vendors, and do not mix live poultry purchased from live poultry markets or mobile vendors with domestic poultry. However, since the outbreak of avian influenza, the relevant government departments have taken a series of effective measures, including strengthening the management of the live poultry market that has not been closed or closed, and strictly implementing the & lt; 1110”( That is to say, one day for cleaning, one week for disinfection, one month for closing, zero inventory) system; We will strengthen market supervision and trans regional regulation of live poultry transportation, and promote Poultry & lt; Clean bore kill white listed & quot; Measures, etc.

therefore, there is no need to be afraid to eat chicken that has been quarantined and allowed to be sold as long as it is cooked properly. Avian influenza virus is not afraid of heat and cold. It has strong resistance to low temperature and can survive for one month in 4 ℃ water. Therefore, half cooked chicken chops and undercooked chicken should be eaten carefully.

many people like to eat chicken chops very much. They began to eat them not long after they were heated. If not, it may increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it is safer to eat chicken cooked as much as possible.

according to the guidelines issued by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, although the h7n9 avian influenza virus is highly pathogenic, it is not invincible. This virus is very afraid of high temperature, research found that with 100 ℃ high temperature heating for 1 minute, it will lose activity, loss of pathogenicity to human body.

daily home cooking, whether microwave, braised or steamed, is almost over 100 ℃. If the cooking time is enough, h7n9 avian influenza virus would have died long ago. Eating this cooked food will not infect the bird flu virus. Therefore, if you don’t eat chicken raw, you don’t have to worry about the problem of avian influenza caused by eating chicken.

as for eggs, when choosing, pay attention to choose the disinfected ones with clean surface. It’s better not to eat them raw, and it’s not recommended to eat loose eggs. This is because even if there is no risk of avian influenza virus in such food, raw eggs should also worry about the risk of Salmonella infection.

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