Is banana acidic or alkaline

in our life, many foods are alkaline, and banana is no exception, so banana can neutralize the excess acid in our stomach. Some people may not know that bananas are alkaline, mainly because we can’t taste them when we eat them. But I believe you will know why bananas are alkaline after reading the following.

banana is also alkaline, but the alkaline is weaker. Most fruits are alkaline, do not be so picky, fruits are nutritious, as long as you like to eat are suitable for the body. For example, lemon, orange, grapefruit, grape, sugarcane juice and green plum are alkaline, which are also common on the market.

function of banana:

banana rich in potassium is the first “leg beauty expert” in food. Its rich potassium can help you stretch leg muscles and prevent leg cramps, so that your legs can be relieved. At the same time, banana is sweet and cold, which has high medicinal value. Foreign media reported that eating a banana for breakfast, lunch and dinner can provide rich potassium for the human body, thus reducing the chance of blood clot in the brain by about 21%. Its main functions are clearing intestines and stomach, treating constipation, clearing heat and moistening lung, stopping thirst, filling essence and detoxifying alcohol. Due to the cold nature of banana, people with deficiency cold of spleen and stomach, stomachache and diarrhea should eat less, and those with too much acid should eat less. The banana and milk mixed into mud, smear on the face can whiten.

[pharmacological action] there are many norepinephrine, 5-hydroxytryptamine and dihydroxyphenethylamine in the pulp. The content of 5-hydroxytryptamine is 10-15 μ g / g in the pulp produced in Japan. According to the determination, the content of norepinephrine and 5-hydroxytryptamine in bananas produced in Uganda is 2 μ g / g and 16.2 μ g / g respectively.

daily intake of 10 mg 5-hydroxytryptamine has no effect on gastrointestinal function, but excessive intake may lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction.

in the determination of indole or catecholamine in urine, bananas should not be eaten.

immature banana meat can prevent or treat gastric ulcer induced by butazone in guinea pigs; It also has protective effect on gastric ulcer induced by immobility, but has no effect on prednisone induced gastric ulcer.

this protective effect may be due to the decrease of gastric acid caused by 5-hydroxytryptamine and the relaxation of stimulation of banana meat. It has neither anticholinergic effect nor central inhibitory effect.

about the article introduced the banana is alkaline, you all know why, because the banana fruit contains a lot of potassium and other vitamins, we eat some bananas in our life is helpful for our health, I hope you can eat some in life, especially the beautiful female friends.

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