Is bottled mineral water safe? What should we pay attention to?

now many people always feel that the tap water is not clean, so they are used to using bottled mineral water when drinking water and cooking water. They think that this kind of water has less impurities and more substances beneficial to human body, and eating it often can be beneficial to health. However, if the bottled water is used improperly, there will be many impurities and bacteria. It is harmful to the health if you often eat such water. So, what are some mistakes in using bottled water?

1. Bottled water safety mistake 1: direct sunlight

bottled water contains a lot of oxygen, sunlight will increase the proliferation of microorganisms, will lead to excessive bacteria. In addition, too humid environment will breed microorganisms, so it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

2. Bottled water safety error 2: long term storage

the shelf life of a bucket of water is 2 months. If it is opened, it is recommended to drink it within a week. If it is more than a week, it is best to boil it before drinking. For the repeatedly boiled “thousand boiling water”, will it be bad for your health after drinking it? Experts say that heated water is carried out in a sealed state. When heated, it will make water molecules move faster, which is beneficial instead of affecting the body.

3. The third mistake of barreled water safety:

water in high temperature, easy to form scale, need to be cleaned, the second is the inside of the tank and pipe, long-term contact with oxygen, there will be some bacteria on it, so experts suggest that every quarter to clean the water dispenser, cleaning steps is to put two bags of disinfectant powder into the tank, Add one liter of drinking water and soak for 10 minutes. At the same time, wipe the body with a disinfectant paper towel. Then let the water drain from the tap and the back pipe. Finally, soak it in clean water for one hour before use.

if the bottled water is exposed to sunlight for a long time, and the bottled water is stored for a long time, and the water dispenser is not cleaned for a long time, the bacteria in the bottled water will exceed the standard. Drinking this kind of water for a long time will not only do no good to the body, but also lead to diarrhea and other diseases. So bottled water is good, but safe use will be good.

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