Is bread flour high gluten flour?

many people will have a question, that is, we often see bread flour in life, and high gluten flour, why there is no difference in appearance! Or in the process of making bread, whether the two can be completely replaced. In fact, there are some differences between bread flour and high gluten flour. Now let’s understand the differences between bread flour and high gluten flour.

in fact, in the process of making bread, many people will confuse eating bread flour and high gluten flour. However, although there is little difference between the two, the scope of application is still different. Therefore, we should pay attention to these problems when we want to make bread.

bread flour, made of hard wheat, high gluten content, generally controlled between 32.5% and 34.0%. Gluten has good quality, toughness, elasticity and large bubble volume. It has been developed into white bread flour, hamburger flour and fried bread flour abroad.

the classification of high gluten flour and low gluten flour is related to the amount of protein in flour. The protein content of high gluten flour was more than 10%, and that of low gluten flour was 6.5 ~ 8.5%. The protein content near the husk of wheat grain is higher than that near the center. Durum wheat has higher protein content and is generally used to produce high gluten flour; Soft wheat is used to produce low gluten flour.

bread flour is a special flour for bread. In addition to meeting the protein demand (gluten) of bread, it also adds other nutritional regulators (additives) which are beneficial to bread. Generally, it is only used for processing bread, but also suitable for bread.

high gluten flour to high protein (gluten) content, in addition to bread, can also be used as noodles, dumplings, can also be used as pizza, etc.

after understanding some of the introduction of bread flour and high gluten flour, now you should know how to correctly eat bread flour or high gluten flour! Although the difference between the two is not very obvious, but the way to eat or pay attention to, because only in this way out of the bread can be more delicious.

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