Is carotene easy to cause lung cancer?

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Is carotene easy to cause lung cancer?

is carotene easy to cause lung cancer?

carrots contain a lot of carotene. No matter in the vegetable market or supermarket, there will always be people who come to buy carrots in an endless stream. They are all interested in the nutritional elements contained in carrots. It can be seen that in people’s eyes, carotene is a good thing. It can maintain the health of eyes and skin, improve night blindness and rough skin, It helps to protect the body from the damage of free radicals, but a recent report pointed out that the abuse of carotene can cause cancer, which immediately caused an uproar in the crowd and made people unacceptable for a moment: how can carotene, which people are eager to pursue, suddenly cause cancer? Why can carotene cause cancer? And how to eat healthily? It has become the focus of discussion.

why can carotene cause cancer

according to the analysis of nutritionists: the supplement of daily dose of 5 mg carotene does inhibit cancer, and excessive intake of carotene will prevent vitamin A from binding to the corresponding receptor, and then prevent the transformation of tumor suppressor gene, the result is not cancer inhibition but cancer.

and abroad, a large number of experiments have proved that eating too much carotene can cause cancer: Finland conducted a group controlled trial on 29000 smokers over 50 years old. One group took carotene regularly and quantitatively, and the other group was the normal control group. The results showed that the incidence rate of lung cancer was higher than 28% in the group taking carotene compared with the normal control group. Two studies in the United States have similar results.

excessive consumption of carotene also has an impact on the baby

although carotene is also very nutritious to the baby, but also pay attention to the appropriate amount. The baby’s resistance is much weaker than that of adults. If the baby eats too much carotene, it may cause carotenemia, turn the skin of face and hands into orange yellow, and appear anorexia, unstable mental state, restlessness, even restless sleep, accompanied by night terrors, crying, and talking in sleep.

how to eat more healthy carotene

disease comes from the mouth, good body is to eat out, in order to be healthy, in fact, do not need to deliberately supplement carotene, you can choose some pollution-free green vegetables or organic vegetables, vegetables produced under the condition of soilless cultivation, you can also rest assured to eat, do not buy medicine spots, vegetables Vegetables with a pungent smell. Secondly, before cooking, the surface of vegetables should be washed clean with water, and then soaked in water for no less than 10 minutes. You can also soak in alkaline water or warm water, and eat more fruits. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and calcium needed by the human body, so as to ensure a balanced nutrition and avoid eating too much carotene.

with the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s quality of life, many people pay more and more attention to their health. They eat a lot of nutritious things. However, when things go to extremes, there will be adverse effects if they eat too much nutritious materials. It’s like a balloon. If it blows too much, it will explode one day. It’s the same as human body, so, As long as the body’s daily nutrition needs to reach the line, so there will be no over nutrition or undernutrition, the body will naturally be healthy, life will be harmonious and beautiful.

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