Is carrot fried nutritious?

Is carrot fried nutritious?

is carrot fried nutritious?

carrots are rich in nutrients, including sugar, fat, carotene, and various vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin B1. Vegetables in the cooking process will have the loss of nutrients, so the wrong cooking method, nutritional value will be greatly reduced. So how to fry carrot best? Some people say that fried with oil, this cooked quickly, nutrition will not be lost; And another part of the people said, do not use oil fried radish, the best steamed to eat.

carrots do not have to be fried with oil

for online said carrots must be fried with oil, they give the reason is that carotene is only soluble in fat, insoluble in water, without the help of fat, it is difficult to be absorbed by the human body. It seems right, but it’s not. The absorption of carotene is the work of our small intestine. It has nothing to do with whether there is oil in the pot. As long as there is fat in the food that enters our small intestine, it will be enough to help the absorption of carotene in carrots. Therefore, we don’t need to add extra carrots because carrots are used to add oil and meat, Otherwise, it is easy to cause unnecessary trouble such as obesity.

a study has confirmed that carotene can also be well absorbed if you eat carrots cooked without oil, as long as you eat foods containing fat within two hours. Most of all, carotene is not absorbed as we think& mdash; It needs a lot of grease. When carrots are cooked soft, it only needs 3-5 grams of fat (many families can eat 30 grams of fat in a meal).

how does carrot eat the most nutrition?

since frying with oil is considered unhealthy, how to eat such nutritious carrots? If you want to make full use of carotene in carrots, it’s best to eat them steamed or boiled. When steaming rice, sprinkle some diced carrots, or directly cut sweet carrots into strips and steam them, and eat them as sweets; You can also steam the carrots and add a little sesame oil to cool them. Of course, carrots can also be stewed with other ingredients, such as beef and mutton, which are very good choices and can enhance our body’s resistance.

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